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why I blog....

 I haven't posted in almost a week.
  Yes, I have been busy and short on time
 but that isn't the reason I haven't blogged.
 Rather, every once in a while I question why I do this.
 I know it has helped me tremendously,
 when I really needed the help
 but why continue?
 Somedays I reread a post
it sounds so led by ego

 it makes me cringe. 

 Because that truly is the last thing I want it to be about. 
 I thought for a year before I did a blog
 because I just didn't want to be one more voice out there making people feel that what they did
 didn't measure up

 (by that very sentence you can hear how
 sometimes see the world....
 I know how hard it is
 to feel not good enough).  
 So in my writings and sharing of ideas,
 I am working on the correct tone. 
 I am not trying to 'show off' what I have done 
 where I have been,
 my true intent
 is to share with my readers 
things that I find beautiful and exciting.
  Moments I hope we can connect with and celebrate the beauties in life.
 I want my blog to be about sharing creative ideas and visuals.
  I want this blog to be about sharing inspirations and life. 
The connecting
 if even for a moment....on the beautiful moments that come to be....
So, when I say in closing

Wishing you love and joy
as you style your life

I truly mean it.

thanks so for stopping by


  1. I had been going to write and check on you!! I did notice you didn't blog and was worried about you! I think about stopping some days as well. I think only the love of having a place to put my memories is what will keep me from that. But slowing down maybe definetly. Like you, it has helped me in ways and now I need more time for the things I have discovered about myself. Love you friend!

  2. Thank you for sharing the heart of your blog, Tamera. I have felt it all along. Keep sharing what you love. :)

  3. I just happened across this post from awhile back. I just hit the first anniversary of my blog and have wondered the very same things at times. You wrote it perfectly. It's about sharing the experience....I understand about trying to find the right tone for it all.
    Thanks for sharing this personal post. Right on sista!!

  4. I always love to read why others blog. I blogged for a year. Took a year off. And came back this year with a much better understanding of why I want to do this and what I want to do with it this time around. Thanks for sharing. Debbie