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“Spacer"/'s a pirate's life....

When my kids were younger
October took on the role of 
Halloween preparation......

there was a neighborhood party to prepare for

which meant

front yard decorations to make...

invitations to pass out.....

my favorite....
costumes to design!!!

So for those of you looking for some
 Halloween inspiration
I am happy to share in several posts
some Beardsley Halloween...

Since we home  schooled for many years
often the history we were studying
made it's way into our
Halloween theme

each of my children would spend weeks 
researching who
they wanted to be...

 looking for a connection 
or intrest in the people of the past...

for characters they could play....

were made by

raiding our own closets....
thrift store adventures....
to find the missing pieces....
trips to the costume stores...

belts were used to carry weapons....

sleeves were rolled to size....
duck tape was our costume friend!!!
(I wanted to keep Halloween fun for doing things 'perfectly' was never an option!!)

Not to be left out
I too
picked a character 
I wanted to be!

were the first to done and handed out....

Making themed decorations
for the front yard
a family affair...

Each year
working in
scarecrow incarnations....

and carts of pumpkins.

There was
  a table to be set up
behind a curtain...
waiting for it's dramatic
party reveal

Our party was a 
pre-Trick or Treat gathering
for our wonderful street of neighbors...

keeping it a simple stop by
and it turned into
a delicious potluck
with the generous and beautiful 
food contributions of said
wonderful neighbors...

giving the pre-Trick or Treat gathering
a true sense of 

but my favorite part...

seeing my kids

in character....

absorbing some history
through child's play....

 at it's finest...

During the month....

 there were trips to
 the tall ship festival
and voyages taken 
on these
 magnificent ships...

characters from the past 
to meet....

battles at the historical mission to witness....

a mission
 costume competition
with very favorable results....

and not to leave out the requisite
that was made
and eaten...
just once...

a pirate's life....
good Beardsley times....

Wishing you love and joy
as you style your life

thanks so for stopping by


  1. Tamera,
    What an AMAZING memory for your kids! Aaah the days of handmade costumes ~ I remember them well. I should try harder.

    You're an inspiration!

  2. Fantastic!!! I love history, especially when it becomes real like this!! I took a 4th grade class to spend the night on a tall ship in Dana Point once. It was amazing!! :)

  3. Linda, this was in Dana Point....what brought you and a fourth grade class down here?? I so agree that the Pilgrim is an amazing ship, my kids also did the over night on board!

  4. oh my goodness how fun! i love the costumes and the pictures. SO much fun, you all look great!!


  5. Hello! I found your blog through the Follower Fest going on at Casey's. I'm now a follower of your blog too. This is AWESOME!!! I once dressed up at John Paul Jones as well. I won my school's History Competition for it... and they gave me a plaque that says "Grand Campion" Yep... It's spelled wrong, but it's history, not english right? lol.

    Digger ~xoxo~

  6. Love this post and YOUR blog!!! I am the newest follower from the Fest :)

  7. wow, what a good memory your kids will have and what a great post. i loved reading it and looking at the pictures. what a treat! i am over from the follow fest, and a new follower, so glad i found you!

  8. How fun!! My hubby is going to be a pirate for Halloween and I bet he'll be just as animated as your little ones!

  9. Tamera I actually stopped by to comment on your most recent Halloween festivities, but I was meant to stumble on to this post.
    I feel like I've discovered a long lost friend. I cannot tell you how much I relate to your Halloween traditions. I totally understand the happiness you experienced from creating all this fun and watching your children over the years ....enjoy it all. The older I get the more I realize how precious these memories truly are. All the giddy excitement and planning and the anticipation, and seeing it all on our kids' faces. There's nothing better. Your unique style shines through all your entertaining and it's been so enjoyable to go through your posts and see all your attention to details.