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Central Coast food styling...

This weekend I had to go to the Central Coast for some design business....
So Jeff and I packed up our Airstream
and set off for a lovely little adventure.....

Our first stop was the stunning Biltmore in Montecito ....

for breakfast......
I ordered a yogurt parfait
and was So excited when it arrived....

in this!!!!
A beautiful Italian canning jar!

I am always just as excited by food presentation
as I am by the food itself!
The simple yogurt experience was completely
elevated with this witty presentation....
I can't wait to use this idea myself!

Making our way up the Coast...
to the wine country of
Paseo Robles.....
we found the charming Hotel Chevaul
with it's delightful restaurant 
the Pony Club....

Ordering hummus
I was once again giddy with the presentation!

the hummus was also served in a canning jar
intermixed with layers of caramelized onions
and served with toasted pitas

the cheese plate
came on a wonderful bread board
and filled with hand made artesian crackers

one of our dinners found us in 
San Luis Obispo at
La Granada

The picture is dark because the restaurant is even darker
and oh so tiny
but such a unique experience

I was excited here about their vintage decor
and by
the fact that the wine was served in a modge podge of
 different vintage crystal glasses
and their
 cheese plates
are beautifully presented on...

vintage cake plates!!!

I love a business trip 
with a side of visual inspiration!

Wishing you love and joy 
as you style your life


  1. Sounds like you has a lovely time! Great pics. Thanks so much for sharing at BC Good Life Wednesdays.

  2. I think I would have squealed like a preteen at a Justin Bieber concert if I had eaten here! I always seem to be serving hummus at my family brunches the same old way, but you can bet that next time it will be served in a canning jar with layers of caramelized onions.