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whats next.....

As an adult I went from full time designer to full time mother. 
 Now as I can see the proverbial empty nest on the horizon,
 this is my journal to reflect on the pieces that are my life
....and figure out... 
.....whats next....

 through this blog I have been able to rediscover past interests

like photography....

to reflect
 on how I 'feel' about our changing family

realize I must allow my children to grow up
and find their own path and voice
that I must learn to love and appreciate
where we are

remember once again how much I do love clothes....

be inspired to design accessories...again

I have realized 
over the past three months of doing a blog
my categories
are my interests,
the pieces of my life

It took me over a year to start blogging
I didn't know where to start
my life was in a state of turmoil
I didn't even know what 
I wanted from a blog

but I started anyway
I just needed somewhere to put thoughts down....

now I realize my blog
is me finding out
what's next...

up until lately I hadn't spent much time
really thinking about it
it scares me
 in a lot!!

but all the more reason
I must invest
in my next chapter

I say all of this to anyone who is having that
little whisper
of wanting a blog
do it !!!

we all have a story

even if you don't know 
what story 
you want to tell
 just do it

because it can make all the difference!

wishing you love and joy
as you invest in your life chapters!

thanks so for stopping by

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