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Back to School ... Dropping Ellis Off at College

 It's been fourteen years

but I can still go back like it was yesterday.....

It's nearing back to school here

my boys head back to
high school
next week.......

So I am in a reflective

back to school mode.

I still remember sending

 my eldest
off to
for the first day....

It had been a whole summer of
anxious anticipation

making me want
to hold on tighter...

but knowing
I had to begin
letting  go...

so  Ellis
could begin
finding her way


in her new

Last summer ....

it was kindergarten
all over again

for both of us.....
as we readied her for her
college departure

We spent the summer again...

in anxious anticipation....

to help us both stay busy

we worked much of the summer
to take

empty, barren
dorm space to....

a beautiful, nurturing, cozy, safe
dorm space

her new home...

in her new world....

a closet
fully organized

so she could always put her
best foot forward.....

Being able 
to drive away.....

and know I had done 

I could for her

made it better

just like when she left for kindergarten

I knew 
I had to let her go

so she could once again
her new world....

letting go....

the hardest


part of parenting.......

may you savor each day

of holding on

 letting go .

wishing you a successful 
and loving
back to school


1 comment:

  1. Holding on and letting go is so hard!! A constant battle tugging at the heart! Ellis is beautiful... then and now!! :)