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our playhouse....when they were young....

Our house turns 17 tomorrow
looking through old photos
I found our playhouse
when they were young.....

Just like our family has evolved over the years
so too has this space....

I had originally left the space raw
so the kids could make it what they wanted....
we (as in my talented husband) added 
shelves, an oven, tables ect

Since a play house was
my dream
(and not really theirs.... and they were really young)

nobody cared when after a couple of years of little use
I took it over.....

and made it into the
playhouse of my dreams
(yes, I still let them in...)
actually when it looked so good they were a lot more interested to use the space

I loved this project
and got around to each surface
notice the bead board under the table...
the table had a checker board mosaic top 
so checkers were always on the ready

the bench lid even  lifted up for storage....

I did custom pillows...
 and tiny quilts made of their old clothes....

I made doll bedding all around
window treatments on the tiny windows
branches with bandanas....

tiny whimsical counters....
and terracotta liners
for the stoves burners...

See... I told you I let them in.....
(even let them bring friends)

I designed the interior 
with a beautiful view to the garden....

which was complete with a bridge of whimsy....


I loved getting the playhouse of 
my dreams
and my kids were kind enough
to play along....

just like my kids don't look like this
this space has gone on
to evolve many times....

but still....
some moments really do 
last a lifetime.


Wishing you love and joy 
as you style your life.

thanks so for stopping by

Good Life Wednesdays


  1. What a beautiful, artful fantasy! My next door neighbor growing up had a secret garden. We had many a tea party and much imaginative play there! :)

    Again... such a darling space!! :)

  2. Lovely post and beautiful memories. Thanks for sharing at Beach Cottage Good Life Wednesdays.