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Letting Go ... and ... Holding On

 I just came back from an amazing nature hike
through the hills of O Neil.

I was able to reflect on our
summer coming to an end 


how far I've come in learning how to

hold on and let go.

 I have mourned for the passing of time
when my kids were 'mine'.

I have let go of regret and resentment
of feeling I had over invested in my children
at too high of a price to myself....

instead I realize 
I did what needed to be done at the time...
and I did it well
and I was fully invested
so now....

 I can more easily
let go
and hold on....
and see
what's next...

starting my career over 
at my age is 
humbling to say the least...

but I knew 15 years ago
when I made the decision to be a mom full time...
that this day would come

and I could do it
no matter how hard

because what I couldn't live with
was the feeling of ever having
short changed my children....

So today is a good day...

I have learned to appreciate 
my time of transition

to still hold on to my kids
while letting go..,

to welcome the challenge of

what's next....

to everything there is truly a season....

wishing you love and joy
as you style your life