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Searching for breakfast....the Montage....

My darling daughter Ellis and I are down to our last two
Saturdays of our weekly search for breakfast
before she returns to school 
at Cal Poly San Luis Obispo.

So I splurged this week and we went
to South Laguna
to one of my  most favorite places anywhere....

The Montage Hotel.....

I  even was able to accomplish one of my summer goals
when I was able to get Ellis
to let me take pictures of her!!!

Our breakfast at the Loft
came with stunning views
and the best banana Foster waffles we have ever had!!!
A meal and a memory!!

Besides breathtaking scenery 
at the Montage
the property is full of beautiful art
reminiscent of Laguna's past.

After our most amazing breakfast
we headed to another of my favorite destinations....

 located in Crystal Cove at the other end of Laguna

This chic store has a bit of everything......
home furnishings, clothes, accessories, decor books........

all artfully displayed
for you to discover.

Our next stop....
some thrift stores.....
searching for treasures
and some additions for Ellis's college apartment....

what we found is a post on it's own
until then 
as always......

I wish you love and joy
as you style your life.

thanks so for stopping by


1 comment:

  1. Ellis is absolutely lovely!

    And Juxtaposition looks like a wonderful store!