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OCD and W.........

Last weekend the daughter I love to the sky and back,
 and I
traveled down to sunny San Diego
to attend a conference...

an OCD conference.
I knew this conference would be emotionally challenging for both of us
(it truly was)
 to counteract this fact...
I wanted to stay some place 
(and we did)
 The W San Diego

I wanted  a safe (as in stylish, can't wait to walk in an be there),
kind of emotion.
(and it was).

An.....Ahh, we're back
and everything is going to be ok......
kind of vibe
(and it was).

Quiet luxury
to offset
why we were in San Diego.

We were always aware
but you can only live in that moment 
just so long
I believe you have to take things in as you are able
being terribly overwhelmed 
just makes you want to 

A safe beautiful place to fall.... 
a necessity.

To still feel ok
while your searching for answers 
to very troubling problems.

as in emotionally safe
when your risking so much 
in your honesty 
of admitting a problem
and the tremendous strength and courage 
it takes to search
for help
to be vulnerable....

you need a beautiful place 
to fall.

to refresh

to go back and look again

for answers.....
one more time

It took me way to long
to really hear
her pain

for that I will live with regret....

But I hear her now....

and we will 
journey together
for as long 
as she needs my help
in finding 
her answers....

I am honored 
to be Ellis's 

OCD is only 
one aspect of my truly amazing daughter
 I am grateful for the journey
she and I have embarked on 
to find the answers
and help
she is looking for.

as a side note.....
Ellis, as brave and confident as she is

said it was
for me 
to write about our journey.

I do love her so ....
she is truly 



  1. I really enjoyed this post. These are such great photos and words- a really moving combination. May you both continue on strongly together!


  2. It's is hard for a Mother to accept the fact her daughter is not perfectly whole in every way. I know it was for me anyway...I'm so glad you are searching for answers together.
    Hugs, Cindy

  3. I love how you discover and appreciate art and beauty wherever you go! And I look forward to hearing more about your journey with Ellis. You are both beautiful! :)