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San Diego Love

 In San Diego this week...
Ellis and I walked all over downtown
One of my favorite things to see.... and there were many....
is definitely the sculptures lining the harbor walk,

 San Diego's iconic Coronado Hotel...
as beautiful as it is
I would never suggest visiting on a sunny,Sunday in summer....
overly crowded, as in lines out the door.
We have visited many times before,
you must see it off season to appreciate it's charm and grandeur.

Probably my favorite part of the trip was just hanging out on the hotel bed,
after along day of sightseeing and
just being silly with my Ellis!
 Majestic tall ships line the harbor.

 The overwhelming size of the Midway is lost in  my photo,
as is the incredible size of this statue,
which must be nearing 50 feet tall!

Such an art filled time we enjoyed
so refreshing to see new sites and inspiration.

A beautiful and memorable week.
We were very blessed to have time together!

thanks so for stopping by.

1 comment:

  1. It is wonderful to have time alone with your daughter, I love that. I haven't had a chance to do that in a very long time.
    Such wonderful architecture~
    Hugs, Cindy