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Summer Backyard Entertaining

Backyard Entertaining
is always one of my favorite ways to entertain!

There is a feeling of comfort and casualness.

Jeff and I spend a lot of time on our yard and gardens
so it always feels like sharing love when we have people over.

And of course not only do I love to pull a theme into the mix
I always love styling an outfit to accompany my theme!

For one of our recent family parties
my darling daughter
came up with doing a party around this fresh colorful branding!

Blue and white stripes with a dose of orange citrus
I was all in
especially since i always summer decorate with blue and white.

Ellis did the cutest invites!
Even though it was a small party
I just love having
a graphic that  incorporates the party theme!

The table was fresh and simple.
I have small potted ferns running down our large farm table this summer.

The placemats and plastic dishes are recently from Target.
A clementine was my dash of orange atop a beautifully ironed napkin.
I have always used cloth napkins
but have only recently loved them even more ironed.
When I iron them these days
it feels like a beautiful ritual of investing in upcoming fun.

My party theme in a tablescape.

I loved my outfit
which is always
 one of my top entertaining tips
Love what you wear!
Feeling good about yourself and what you are wearing gives you so much more energy 
to love on your guests!

I accented my pinstripe maxi with an oversized floral brooch.
I added one of my floral headband to my hat!
A tip I highly recommend!
It can transform one beloved hat into so many!

Elis made the most delightful charcuterie board!

I brought all of my inflatables!
I started with a pool and some beach balls last year
and have continued to collect!

How fabulous is this arch with reusable balloons
the oversized beachballs!

I also have gotten party theme colored beach balls from Amazon.

We live in a small house 
with a small yard
so being able to inflate party fun is just the best!
Plus not having them out all the time 
makes them fresh and fun when they do come out to play!

 How about some inflatable sharks for bowling!
Also Target!

My favorite part of the collected inflatables 
seeing our grand children plays with them!

I had them all set out one way
but they saw them an entirely new way.
They gathered  all of the balls and sharks into the pool
made a ball pit!
Just genius!

I would have liked to have said it was my genius idea
but I do believe in giving credit where do!
I am always in awe of watching our grand children's creative play!

One last fun and fast party decoration
that is also easy to store
is using banners
like these fiesta inspired beauties from Amazon.

And we all know entertaining is all about
savoring and enjoying those we love!

As always my friends

I wish you love and joy
as you style your life


  1. As always Tamera, you are a creative inspiration to us readers! Love all the care & attention you put in hospitality for your family. I hope to be like you someday soon. Enjoy the rest of June! m in HI

    1. It is always so lovely to have a visit here from you my dear! Your sweet encouraging words touch my heart! XOX

  2. PS I am enjoying wearing your beautiful bracelets. m in hi

    1. That is the best compliment ever! Thank you darling!

  3. We do have some similarities that make me SMILE!Cloth napkins for one!!I spent last weekend ironing stacks of them!I enjoy ironing them as much as setting a beautiful table too!Now I have a blog post up today and I do think YOU and HEIDI MIGHT BE WEARING THE SAME FROCK?Your pool party accessories are the BEST and those kids are adorable!
    It would be LOVELY if we lived closer to lunch!

    1. What a pleasure to have a visit from you, my friend! Isn't there something so calming and gratifying about ironing beautiful linens! I am shocked that I enjoy it so these days, when the kids were little I saw it as such a waste of time. Oh to savoring the different stages of life!

      Yes, I am definitely wearing the same dress as Heidi, although we styled them very differently. I love the dress so much I bought it in three different colors! It's perfect for styling different ways and playing with my grand kids!

      Next time your in town I must have you over for lunch my dear! Big hugs! XOXO