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65th Beach Birthday Celebration

I turned 65 this week
which is a really big number to me.
I am usually all good with turning another year older
realizing what a gift it is.

This year I think it's because  the number
 is most commonly seen as a retiring number
I have so much more I want to do professionally.
Which means it's up to me
to write my own definition of 
what it means to be 65.

65 is a number not to be trifled with.
For me it is a wake up call 
to really dig deep and get clarity
on just what I still want to accomplish.
There is no more time for excuses
' some day I'll ...."

It's also an age for gratitude and self compassion
for all I have accomplished.

Time for big gratitude for my wonderful family.

It is also an age that made me feel deeply the loss
in my most recent post.

But one of the greatest lessons I've learned 
from the estrangement
is to really love on the people who do want to be in my life
to bless those that don't.

I believe hidden within every heartbreak
there can be a gift if we truly look.

I continue to be beyond grateful
that my youngest son and his sweet family moved back!

I am forever grateful for my wonderful girl

I will be forever grateful for the wonderful spouses
both of my children found.
I have always been grateful
but every year I am more so
as I see their  lives  and love continue to evolve.

The  family beach birthday celebration
was the perfect way to start off my 
new year of 
focused intention
redefining for myself 
just what it means to be 65!

As always my friends

I wish you love and joy
as you style your life


  1. Happy Birthday Tamara! Your celebration resonates such joy and love! You are such a light in the world and you alWays inspire me to dig deep, cultivate gratefulness and be creative. Thank you for the gifts you share with all of us. Sending you love and birthdays hugs! 🥰

    1. Awww! Ginger thank you ever so much for this beautiful gift of words, they truly touch my heart! Sending you biggest of hugs! XOX

  2. I also have 2 sons and a daughter and my oldest son is estranged as well. I copied the essay in your last post because it resonated with me. You thoughts today do as well. BTW, I am 67 with lots of live and love left!

    1. Thank you so much for reading and leaving your heartfelt comment. I am sorry to hear you too know the heartache of estrangement. I can tell by your words, you definitely have lots of love and life to live! Sending you big healing hugs my dear! XOX

  3. Wow. What a blessing & stylish as usual 💖🌟♾️

  4. Happy Special Milestone Birthday, dear Tamera. Your beach picnic is such a beautiful idea, and your gown quite fabulous. Here's to many more years of sweet family moments. xxx

    1. Why thank you so much dearest Patricia! I always appreciate your visits here from Brisbane!

  5. Bonne Anniversaire ma belle amie, Tamera!!
    Wishing you a year filled with happiness, joy, peace, prosperity, creativity, some cute shoes and good health. Your family celebration at the beach was beautiful and enjoyable. Merci beaucoup for sharing it with us readers. Have a wonderful birthday month! m in hi

    1. Always so lovely to have a visit from you my dear! Thank you ever so much for your thoughtful and loving birthday wishes! I so appreciate your sweet words! Sending you big hugs from Southern California to your beautiful Hawaii! XOX

  6. Hope it was a wonderful birthday for you. 65 does feel like a big one (I'm turning 60 this year), but the ages that have meant the most to me were never the popular ones. I feel confident in your continued growth and enlightenment! Always nice to see you happy.