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What I Wore for a Beachside Birthday Celebration

It's been cold and windy here in Southern California
so it was the perfect time to break out 
my favorite coat
for a 
Beachside Birthday Celebration
for our darling grandson.

My favorite headwear
 choice for a chilly day at the beach
is always 
a beret.
It does't blow off and it still gives a finished look.

My favorite faux leather pants
were a perfect choice to keep out the cold.

My leather boots meant I never got any sand in my shoes!

I was just so tickled and happy with my outfit.
It took me a while to refine my winter beach attire
especially since I always want an outfit
that addresses the functional needs of the elements
also looks good in case I want to go for dinner or drinks afterward.

Dax's birthday was such a joyful event
as we all celebrated him turning two years old!

The amount of joy these two bring to our life is immense.
I had always heard of the joy of grandchildren
but I always had my doubts if it could really be all that.
It is
 even more.

Just sharing a few captures from our fun filled day!

As always my friends

I wish you love and joy
as you style your life


  1. Happy Birthday to little Dax! How cute he is. And what a great birthday outing, to the beach. You all look so joyful and your cream outfit is just stunning. How clever to wear those gorgeous boots to keep the sand out. xox

    1. Hello dearest Patricia! Always so lovely to hear from you my dear! Thank you for your sweet words! And yes, boots at the beach are my new favorite choice in the winter because I abhor sand in my shoes! Hope all is well in your beautiful Brisbane!

  2. What a wonderful birthday celebration delightfully captured!! m in hi

    1. Thank you so much for stopping by for a visit my dear! I appreciate you! It was such a wonderful afternoon with the family. I really wanted to capture the magic with my photos, so I really appreciate your compliment! I hope all is well in beautiful Hawaii!