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Thanksgiving Tablescape

Oh how I love styling a great tablescape
the more layers and purpose the better!

So no surprise my
Thanksgiving Tablescape
is one of my favorite tables to do each year!

Here I used  a traditional Thanksgiving color palette.
Pulling colors from my fall decor.
Our rooms are open plan 
so it's a big deal to me that the colors and concept 
not only flow within the great room
but inside and outside as well
because the room opens to all the  outside views.

After choosing a color palette
I focus on purpose and layers.

We are lucky enough to have our Thanksgiving be  multi generational
so of course I want a table that has something for everyone!

I brought out my collection of stemware
many that were my Mother's crystal.

I layered my stoneware china with wooden chargers
our primitive silverware.
The ceramic tureens brought the Thanksgiving theme in clearly
as well as adding another beautiful layer.

My collection of paired salt and pepper shakers brought some whimsy
to the tablescape.

I placed the napkins under the salad plate
to complete the layered textures.

For my centerpiece I kept everything 'trayed' on my beloved piece of driftwood.
I opted for a modern version of Thanksgiving florals
with a mixture of vases of tulips and mums.
I mixed in some air plants and collected candles
mixing both tapers and potted candles.
I went for an overall eclectic collection of heights and forms that complemented my dishes.

One of my favorite parts of this 
Thanksgiving Tablescape is
coloring placemats!
I layered them in so that they simply became one graphic element of the table.
I still wanted a sophisticated tablescape at the end
but I especially wanted to create an interactive experience 
to do before dinner.

I even made having crayons on the table pretty
by placing them in urns and copper candleholders.

All of my chosen elements, layers, textures and whimsy 
played so well together
I couldn't be happier with the result!
And the coloring placemats were a great success!

One new Thanksgiving tradition I have started lately is
having my Christmas tree up before Thanksgiving.

I know all of the perceived controversy of decorating for Christmas before Thanksgiving.

I have waited until after for years
A few years ago it started to feel like a lot of pressure and work 
to get it all done the weekend after Thanksgiving
because I like to enjoy the process of decorating
I  also love having a lit tree up in November.

So one year I decided to be all decorated before Thanksgiving
only to realize how tiring too much Christmas decor can be 
by the time Christmas actually rolls around.

So now for me
 I have found the perfect compromise!
I put up all of my trees, inside and out before Thanksgiving.
I take my time getting them up and out
enjoying the lit trees during November.

I hold off on decorating my main tree until after Thanksgiving
except for adding in natural citrus and greenery and sometimes some natural shell garlands.

After the Thanksgiving dishes are cleared and put away
I am all set to bring in all of my holiday reds and decorate the tree!

Living in Southern California 
I love incorporating citrus into my decor
as a nod to the history of our locale.

I enjoy the holiday ritual of drying citrus in the oven.
It's such a simple process of slicing 
salting both sides
putting the in a very low temp oven for a couple of hours.

I've tried the dehydrators but they don't handle the volume of slices I need
in my decorating.

I also spread greenery and oranges throughout our main living and dining room.
For me it says holiday and celebration
without detracting from the Thanksgiving celebration.

Well there you have it my friends!

I hope I have inspired you to enjoy the process of 
your own Styling Adventures!

Remember it's all about what makes our own heart happy!
There are no wrong or right ways to style and decorate.

When it comes down to styling
it's all about 
creating love and joy
for ourselves and those we love!

As always my friends

I wish you love and joy
as you style your life


  1. Your table decorations are so beautiful. Have a wonderful Thanksgiving with your family! πŸπŸ¦ƒπŸ

    1. Thank you so much for stopping by and commenting my dear!

  2. I love this setting, everything! I am searching for the shell garland so I don’t have to make that!

    1. Thank you so much Gayle!! I got my garlands from amazon by just searching shell garland. They were a great price too, considering the labor involved in making them! Thanks so much for stopping by my dear!

  3. Love this!!! I dry my oranges in the air fryer. It is very quick to do even in small batches.
    Very clever using the colouring placemats.

    1. Wow!! what a great idea to use an air fryer! Thank you so much for sharing!

  4. Tamera, love the ideas, definitely going to adopt the orange detail! All Looks fabulous happy holidays my friend!

    1. Holly how lovely to have a visit here, from you my friend! I'm happy to hear you're going to adopt the orange detail! I've really come to look forward to making them! Happiest of holidays to you and yours! XOXO

  5. You've always had the absolute best pictures !!!

  6. You can see everything is decorated with a lot of love and I think it's great that the Christmas tree is already ready for Thanksgiving, otherwise this beautiful time is far too short. I wish you a nice pre-Christmas season and best regards from Spain, Mumbai ...PS. can't write as Mumbai only anonym????

    1. Thank you ever so much my dear! I really appreciate your wonderful words!I agree, often the season seems to go so fast!

      I don't know why blogger isn't letting you comment as Mumbai! I have noticed the change with several people recently, so I really appreciate you letting me know it is you here. I always so love hearing from you!

  7. I love the dried citrus. So beautiful and grounding. Also, just over a year ago we reunited with our daughter. I appreciate all your wisdom and insight you have provided during my dark times. God bless you and yours.

    1. Oh my heavens Kay! What absolutely wonderful news that you have reconnected with your daughter! That makes my heart so very happy to hear! Wishing you and yours a wonderful holiday season!