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Hello Monday, Hello Gratitude

I love Mondays
 the  feeling of a fresh start of a new week! 

I especially love starting my Monday's with 
A Gratitude List.

I think so much of the quality of our life
is about where we put our attention.
I want to tuck all of the good into my heart
so I can always have it.

 I intentionally practice 
every day.

Some days I'm better at it than others
so making a post about
really helps solidify the emotion.
It's reflecting and acknowledging the 
beautiful moments in life!

I am so very grateful every time I have the opportunity 
to spend time with my grand children.

The deep, deep
 down in my heart 
at even being on the planet at the same time they are.

I never thought  I would feel this deeply about 
grand children.
I had heard the talk
always believing I would never feel so taken away with them.

Boy was I wrong.

It feels like pure magic.
It is bearing witness to all that is good and pure in life.
It's the unfolding of little miracles every day.

Being able to spend time with your own children 
their children
is just so Amazing.
I hope I never take a moment for granted.

On a work note
I am grateful to have styled a backdrop for some 
new Wear posts
as I try to move into videos.
Wish me luck!

I am doing this in one of my closet rooms
where I also do my yoga.

I am grateful that my studio continues to improve.
I have been working on some more form and function
in my space.

I designed a new cabinet to keep my orders all beautifully organized!
Jeff took my idea and made it a reality!
A teamwork process we have been doing for ages
one that I am so thankful for always!

I am very grateful for gorgeous orders that continue to go out
including one currently on the way to the UK!

I am very Grateful for our 
Family Thanksgiving this year.

I am pulling together some of my favorite 
Thanksgiving Styling 
ideas I've used over the years
for a post this week.

I should have it up by Wednesday
so pop back by if you're looking for new ideas!
Until then here are a couple more of my personal favorirtes
that I've done!

As always my friends

I wish you love and joy
as you style your life


  1. Grandchildren…to quote my husband, “the only thing in life that is not overrated”. Ours are now 19 to 26 and still delightful! Spend the time now for constant payback❤️👏. You have so much to teach them and give.

    1. From Gayle, did not want anonymous …

    2. Awww Gayle! What a wonderful quote by your husband! I couldn't agree more with his sentiment! How amazing that you have been there so many years and have watched them grow into young adults!! So inspiring!

      Thank you so much for visiting here and your kind words! Sending you big hugs!