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Official Launch of the Tamera Beardsley Collection

After years in the making
today is the day I launch my newest
I am so excited and proud to debut my 30 piece collection!

Each handcrafted piece is infused with my signature
'Down to Earth Glamour'

It's a collection inspired by my soulful walks on my favorite beach here in Southern California.
I'm hoping to share these peaceful, calm, and beautiful moments.

Within my designs I have used different elements
many  that have meaning behind them.
Like using Howlite gemstones that are believed by many
to have calming and anxiety reducing properties.

Many of my original designs incorporate the use of shells
that not only are reminiscent of the beach
but many have believed for centuries that seashell jewelry represent strength and resilience.

It is my intention to design accessory pieces that 
'Bring Joy and Confidence to the Wearer'

Lastly, I want to say 
a big thank you
to all of you who have taken the time to be 
so supportive and encouraging during this journey of

It has been a dream of mine to once again have 
an accessory design company
but for too long the critical voice inside made the dream elusive.
That is why all of the kind words made such a difference to me
truly touched my heart.

May we all continue to inspire each other
to make our dreams can come true.

You can check out my new Collection HERE

As always my friends,

I wish you love and joy
as you style your life


  1. It is a fabulous collection!!!
    I am delighted by your creativity and artistry design with these accessories. I wish you much success and happiness! love and aloha- m in hi

    1. Why thank you ever so much my dear! I so appreciate your gift of encouraging words!