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A Look Back at Tamera Beardsley Design

As I prepare for the official launch of my 
Coastal Inspired Accessory Collection
next week 
I thought it would be fun to look back at some of my editorial coverage
from back in the day when I had my original Accessory Collection.

It's easy to see I've always had a penchant for 
Dramatic, Statement Accessories!

It was the late 90's when i had my original company.
It literally feels like a lifetime ago,  before i had children.

The Fashion business worked differently back then, before social media.

The only way to get any traction was to get good editorial coverage.
When my collection was. noticed in the LA showroom by
 Italian Moda
it was the opening I needed.

From there Woman's Wear Daily became interested
 then other fashion magazines followed
then the stores started writing orders.

Here are some of the editorial features.

My cuffs are in this feature. It was a fun time. I never knew where or when my pieces would show up.
Back then stylists would borrow pieces from the many showrooms my Collections were shown in
especially the New York City. showroom.

I remember seeing this magazine cover on new stand at our local grocery store.
I had no idea they had even shot my pieces.
There might have been some excited jumping that grocery run!

My pieces were used in a huge 12 page spread that Italian Moda shot in
Venice Beach California with man of the top 90's supermodels of the time!

I have been in love with flower crowns since the 90's to be sure!
They will always have a place in this designers heart!

Thank you so much for stopping by and indulging me in a trip down memory lane.

Next week I can't wait to present my new 
Coastal Inspired Collection.
I still love statement pieces
but now  I also  have big heart for pieces with meaning behind them as well.

I have poured a lot of my heart and soul into my new collection
hoping to find a beautiful mix of
Fashion and Heartfelt meaning
with the materials I've chosen to work with.

As always my friends

I wish you love and joy
as you style your life


  1. Dear Tamera, how wonderful to see your past pieces, and aren't they just fabulous! Those cuffs work so well with a lot of different looks; I really love the one on the cover of the magazine you found at a newstand. What a thrill that must have been. Your gorgeous floral wreaths I always love, and there is one from back in the day - priceless. Best wishes, and hugs, for your launch next week. May it be everything you wish for. xoxox

    1. Always so lovely to have a visit from you dearest Patricia! I always so appreciate you support and encouragement my dear! Sending big hugs to you in Brisbane! XOX

  2. I’m so excited to find out “where “ you will be launching your beautiful pieces. I’ll be looking here daily to find out.
    m in hi

    1. Thank you so much for commenting here my dear! I will be launching my online shop tomorrow, after years in the making! I will put a link to the shop in tomorrow's blog post. Thank you so much for your encouraging words!!