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Hello Monday ... Hello Gratitude

 I am such a big believer in
Over the years it has helped transform 
my outlook on life.

I practice gratitude daily.

I write my goals for the day
then make my 
Gratitude list.

Some days I can feel the Gratitude deeply
some days it feels a little further removed.
But on those days when it feels like it's escaping my heart
I still write my list because 

the practice of
Intentional Gratitude
works best with consistency.

The more effort I put into finding the magic in my life
the more magic there is in my life.

At night when I have trouble sleeping
I go through my day
make note of all of the magical moments
what I did well that day.

Trust me
it's a much better way to prepare for sleep than entertaining 
every fear and worry.
For me sometimes it feels like such   a mentally vulnerable state
laying in bed waiting for sleep
I have learned to train my focus on 

This past week has been filled with much 

From huge gratitudes
for my son and his family selling their Texas house
to move back locally.
Talk about answered prayers.

I am exceedingly grateful 
Jeff and I got to see our grandchildren
while they were out here visiting SoCal this week.

I am also grateful Jeff and I got to go down to San Diego 
to help our darling daughter set up for a popup at 
Working on projects with her and her husband always fills my heart so full!

I got to meet up with a sweet Instagram follower
who was visiting in San Diego from Philadelphia 
That always warms my heart!
Instagram is such a wonderful community!

Jeff an I were in the area of one of my Mother's favorite restaurants
Since it was her birthday
we decided to stop for a tribute cocktail.
I can't believe it's been 5 years since she died.

We had a beautiful young waitress
who my heart was telling me needed some encouragement.
I sometimes get those intuitive feelings.
It often is a whole back and forth in my own head
to try to resist saying anything
especially because she was the kind of beautiful
that you wouldn't think needed reminding.
But if I feel it strongly my heart overrides my head.

When she came back to bring us the check
I told her I hope she knows how truly beautiful she is.
She took the compliment with a look of surprise and then 
some happiness crossed her face
 a glow from within seemed to rise up.

I thought it was a lovely moment and was happy that I had given
 her a kind and loving compliment.

We were preparing to leave
when she came back to say 
how much she  appreciated the compliment
had really needed to hear that today
then she began to cry.

I hugged the beautiful young waitress
telling her sometimes life can be hard on us all
but to always remember her own beauty and worth which brought
even harder tears.
I gave her a harder hug.

I will never no why this beautiful young women 
needed that encouragement
why my heart was so touched to make sure she heard it
but that my friends
is a moment that touched My Heart.

We just never know what people are going through.
Or how the words of a stranger can be impactful.
But trust me they really can.
I've been on both sides of that scenario
And kind words really do matter.

I remember in I was in high school when it happened to me for the first time.
It was a simple hello form someone I admired (a lot)
It was just a kind and respectful hello  
during a time I  felt neither of about  myself.

The simple hello felt like a bolt of lightening of hope
I knew then and there
someday I wanted to be able  make people feel the same.
To reflect back others own goodness and light.

Isn't it ironic how our lives can be influenced by  such small moments
that are etched in our soul forever.
I bet Bo will never know how a simple hello could have such a profound and lasting impression.

So I leave you with this message.
If you have the opportunity to even smile and say hello. to a stranger
Do it!
You really don't know who really needs the boost of simple kindness.
But I do know we all do at one time or another.
So I for one will always 
go out of my way to be kind.
Because I have really needed it so many times in my own life.

As always my friends

I wish you love and joy 
as you style your life


  1. I wish more people would understand what you do. It wouldn't seem that it would take a lot of effort for people to be kind to one another, but these days it seems that it does. I too notice and "feel" other people's aura. If a man or woman takes the time to look great, I'll let them know. Or like you did with your waitress, take a little time to notice other people and be kind. Thank you for writing this, Tamera.

    1. so lovely to have a visit from you Catherine! I am not surprised to hear that you take the time to pass out compliments and kindness my dear! Big kudos to you my dear! Thank you for reading and taking the time to leave a gift of words!

  2. I could not agree more and this was a touching and beautiful post.

    1. Why thank you so much! I appreciate you reading and your encouraging words!

  3. Thank you for this post as it reminds me that my gratitude journal needs to be dusted off. I'm so thrilled for you to have family moving closer to you so that you can enjoy them more often. I currently live states away from my beautiful daughter but I embrace technology and do weekly FaceTime with her. I'm so glad to see these two posts today and glad to read that you and Jeff have been healthy all this time away from the blog and busily working on to do lists for the home & garden, bridal shower, and your grand re-opening of business. I do so enjoy your lovely posts and the kindness and love the spills forth from them.
    m in hi who still admires your beautiful sunglasses collection

    1. Wow! Thank you so very much for your wonderful and thoughtful gift of words! They truly touch my heart! I have up until recently felt as though maybe I had lost my voice as it came to blogging and 'putting myself out there', so you encouraging words mean so vey much!

      How wonderful that you are able to use technology to stay connected to your beautiful daughter! My daughter lives just a few hours away but our weekly phone calls definitely help keep us connected as well!

      Thank you again for reading and taking the time to leave such beautiful words my dear!

  4. I haven't been on your blog for a long time but every time I look in I get so many positive things from you. You bring every amount of joy, gratitude, respect, compassion among people. I am also someone who politely gives his opinion when something is wrong with me, but also praises and compliments when it is good and necessary. And the best thing about it is that you give yourself presents too. Your experience with the waitress is so touching.

  5. How wonderful to find a beautiful comment from you my dear! I always so appreciate your visits here and your wise and encouraging words! Thank you ever so much! Sending you big hugs!