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Hello Gratitude

In these days that can feel so uncertain
I have 
doubled down in my practice of 
Intentional Gratitude

Being open to all of 
The Meaningful Moments
I can find
Pushing them deep into my Heart
to keep forever
pull up
when I need reminding.

Nothing fills my heart like
spending time with 
Like this moment here.


Jeff and I have been spending much time
the last few months
upgrading our backyard.

One of the projects was redoing some 
rock borders
putting in a large new rock
that can be used as a seat.

Around it I created our own little
suburban pumpkin patch
all with the hopes 
of seeing our darling 
grand daughter sit there.

It was a project and goal
that kept me focused
on good things to come
some very 
sad months after my 
Dad's death.

So these adorable pictures
me so much to me.

I tell this story to remind myself
to focus on what I can control.

To focus on
the good in life.

To focus on the magic of creativity.

To focus 
on the love of family

I was afraid this year at 
I would be overwhelmed with sadness
as it was the first time 
without my dad.

So I worked extra hard on

I get up extra early these mornings 
to make my list
of things I'm 
Grateful for.

And the more I can 

focus on Gratitude
there is less room for 
the fear and loss.

I still wake up in a panic most mornings
so many reasons.

So it literally takes me
quite a bit of time 
some mornings 
to reset my mind
to be a magnet
to find
Joy and Beauty
everywhere I can.

For me 
Creating Beauty

Creating Beauty
to be shared with 
those I love
always one of the best!

To Celebrate
the Love of Family
those here now
those that have passed on.

To continue to foster
the Legacy of Family Love.

To focus on all of
the Great things in Life
when things can feel uncertain.

I want to fill up my heart 
with so much 
Gratitude and Joy
that there is little room
for fear and sadness.

I am at an age 
where I can feel my mortality
especially with both of my parents gone.

I literally
want to make each moment count.
I want to wake up in the morning
think what good in the world
can I do today.

Where can I spread love.

When my time to go is here
I want to know
I used my time 
to the best of my ability.

I want to foster 
a legacy of Love.

 I want to truly 
savor beautiful moments.

To focus on
Beauty and blessings.

Because there are so many  things in my life
that I am extremely 

I want to be at peace with sadness and loss.
to dig all the deeper 
to find 
Beauty and joy
every single day.

To replace daily fears
Intentional Gratitude.

I write this post today
to remind myself

Life is Good.

We can control how we decide 
to see the world.

Intentional Gratitude
can be 
Life Changing.

That Love
is the answer
to so many questions.

As always my friends

I wish you love and joy

as you style your life


  1. Your blog always brings beauty and joy. You have a beautiful heat.

  2. THIS POST means the FIRE went another DIRECTION I ASSUME!
    LORDY.........what a BEAUTIFUL BACKYARD!SO happy that your OWN PUMPKIN got to come home for THE HOLIDAYS!I especially LOVE the PLYWOOD PLACE MAT!BRILLIANT!
    ONWARD TO THE BIGGER EVENT..................we have gone into LOCKDOWN as of TODAY NO GOING OUT Unless essential until JANUARY 4,2021.

    1. Yes, the fire did go the other way, luckily!

      Thank you so much darling for your sweet words!!

      We are also sadly, back to lockdown.

      Thank you so much for visiting my friend! On my way over to visit your blog! XOX

  3. Tamera, this is such a beautiful post! Happy to see you still in blogland. hugs and well wishes, Joni

  4. Tamera ... your beautifully expressed feelings never fail to resonate. For those of us prone to anxiety, these are particularly challenging times. Your words bring me peace and solace ... and reassurance that I'm not alone. For this, and for all the beauty you send our into our world, I'm grateful. xo

  5. Great post, Tamera, from the adorable grandchild to your supercool knitwear!

  6. This is one of the most beautiful things I have ever read. You said you wondered, "What good in the world can I do today?" I think you just did it. So many people are anxious right now, and one of the best ways to cope is to express gratitude. We all have a great deal for which to be thankful. Thanks for reminding us.