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Southwestern Vibes

I got 
a new dress
 this week
that is surely going to end up to be one of my favorites!

What's not to love about a 
lightweight denim
off the shoulder maxi dress
with dramatic sleeves

The styling possibilities are endless.

This wearing I pulled from my
Southwestern Accessories.

I like to
design, buy and collect in
''Accessory Families'

which gives you an array of choices
when styling your outfits.

It also makes packing a breeze.

How fabulous are these 
wide kimono sleeves!

I ordered this fabulous dress from 
Social Butterfly  Collection in Houston.

The link for the Maxi Dress is 

I just noticed they only have larger sizes left of this dress
so here is another similar styles.

I don't often do fashion links on my blog
but this dress is such a find
I needed to share.
Especially since the dress is under $100!

Speaking of sharing
My favorite trick with wide cut maxi's is

 wearing a full ball skirt slip underneath

to maximize the movement of the dress
to keep the volume from collapsing when I walk.

I choose the slips that are cut close to the body on top
which ensures all of the extra volume
is on the bottom
where I want it.

It is an instant quality upgrade
to any maxi dress
cut for volume.

I also just love how it moves with the dress.

I have recently ordered this one HERE
because I wanted a bit more volume.
The one I have now
has volume just on the bottom ruffle.

Topped off the look with one of my
Western hats
lovely turquoise rhinestone juxtaposition
statement earring 
of my design.

I recently turned some vintage 
belt buckles into
for an easy ponytail finish.


Thank you so much for a read!
Any styling tips you'd like to share in the comments/
I'd love to here!

As always my friends

I wish you love and joy
as you style your life


  1. WE need the LINK for the slip!!!
    I Must pull out my dress and try with a slip that starts at the waist?I was just complaining its hard for me to find MAXI dresses that are long enough...............

    1. I added the link darling! Thank you so much for the suggestion!! xox

      I have been pondering this dress for ages ... or has it been a year or two ... every since you told me about it!

      Thank you ever so much for visiting here darling! I always appreciate you taking the time to read! XOX

  2. Great tip with the slip (keep the fullness near the bottom where you want it!!). I'm loving the turquoise pieces with this outfit, too!!! So fun!!

    1. Thank you darling! And thank you so much for reading! I am so enjoying seeing your hiking, garden views and your inspiring watercolors, this summer! xox

  3. What a gorgeous and very flattering dress, made extra special with your pretty ball slip. I love to see how you style an outfit, and the turquoise looks stunning. How lovely to be out and about again. xxx

    1. Thank you so much darling! It is lovely to be out once again. Here in California they have moved almost everything outside and spaced, including our hair salons! How are things in Brisbane? xox

    2. Similarly, everything is spaced. I stopped going to the hair salon in February - my hair is now white! and growing long, but I am embracing that. Our State is doing well, almost nil Covid cases, but we are locked down from interstate and overseas travel. We are fine, isolating and going for country drives. xxx

  4. Stunning as always. Love the slip idea. I have the feeling that I would be swamped wearing it. But I always love seeing beauty on you.

    1. So lovely to have you visit here Sandra! I so appreciate it! I am in awe of your talent once again with the latest piece of your artwork you showed on your Instagram feed! So amazing! Fingers crossed that the Bard's show with your painting will be able to open next year! xox

  5. A ball skirt / petticoat is a great idea! Where do we find such a thing? I'm afraid I can offer no styling tips ... you are the expert and I learn from all you do. This dress is certainly one of favorites too. I think you debuted it in your Temecula post and I didn't realize it was denim. That makes me love it even more. xo

  6. Hello darling! No this dress is definitely a different dress. The other blue dress was a Zac Posen, that I wore in Temecula.

    David's bridal online is my go to to order slips. They have slips for almost every dress silhouette.

    I was so excited to see your wonderful raised beds go into Snowberry today!

    Thank you ever so much for visiting here darling! xox

  7. you look gorgeous in that dress and you always understand how to perform.

  8. You look so fabulous in this dress and I love every bit of the accessorizing you did -- just gorgeous!

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