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Tulle Skirt Styling ... Underneath

My styling love of 

Tulle Skirts 

This weekend 
I took our my brand new

out for it's first spin!

I ordered this beauty from

I discovered their selection of slips
under pinnings
years ago
when we were shopping for my daughter's 
wedding dress.

They have been my go to 
for years now.

I debuted my slip
under my 
which is an online company
out of Houston Texas
with very affordable pricing
even better
so many dramatic
fun to wear pieces 
that really speak to my 
personal style.

This coat dress
really came alive for me
with the 
tulle ball skirt underneath!

I finished the outfit off with gold accessories
and my pearl mask and chain
for lunch out in the Metro!

We ate at the lovely

Water Grill

across the street of

South Coast Plaza
which actually was finally able to reopen today!!

Water Grill 
is perfectly situated for
these Covid times
with a truly gorgeous open patios!

We actually ended up having lunch at
Water Grill
because we heard the had a
every week!!

They started the market during
the hard shutdown
here in California
have been doing it every since!

It you are local in the area
I highly recommend their

Top notch quality with great prices!

We picked up this pack
that even came with
specialty directions!!

After lunch we walked around 
South Coast Metro
truly one of my very favorite
Orange County areas.

So excited to see 
our new museum
is well under way!!

It's such an important reminder
of good things still to come
in the future!!

I styled the coat dress
with an outfit underneath
so the coat dress 
could be worn open
without the skirt
for a more casual look.

The dress has such a full skirt
you can get quite a swish
even without the slip!

The outfit finishing touches 
were my 
I loved the bit of gold they have on the side

A hat from


vintage gold clip earrings
I have had literally 
from the 80's.
I am shocked how well they finish
this military inspired 

I am also happy 
how what is old
can be new again!

That is why 
I have always been a big believer

in investing in
Quality Accessories!

As always my friends

I wish you love and joy
as you style your life


  1. Where did you get the gold cuffs?love love love this look! Your eye candy never disappoints

    1. Hello my friend!! So lovely to have you visit!! I got the cuffs years ago ... I think at TJ Max. Thank you so much for your visit hear darling!! xox

  2. Thank you for this Monday post, as beauty is a lovely way to begin a week.

    1. Hello my friend! So lovely to find your comment here! I always appreciate hearing form you! Hope you and Sienna are well!! xox

  3. FABULOUS...........OUTFIT!
    Where is FASHION ISLAND?
    YOU seem to be getting out and doing!Love the pearl mask!!
    Erin has contacted your DIL and they are chatting!!!

    1. Hello my dear!! I thought you would love the coat!!

      The Metro is just across from South Coast Plaza, I added more pictures to the post. I'm sure you will recognize the area ... It's where the Performing Arts and SCR are located ... and now they are even building the new OC museum!

      I'm so glad to hear Erin reached out!!

      Thank you ever so much for your continued encouragement regarding my shop! You are the very Best My Friend!! xox

  4. Because of you I purchased my tulle the end of last year. I wore it to Kentucky for a Christmas family affair and IT WAS A HIT. It's just such a fashion/statement piece.

    La Contessa also noticed that you are out and about - good for you! You always look so divine.

    1. Catherine so good to find you here darling!! I am so glad you got yourself some tulle!! Isn't it so fun to wear!! I am so glad to hear it was a hit!! Doesn't Christmas feel So Long ago!! I am so glad you were able to make great memories!!

      We do try to get out to safe destinations ... just for our mental health! Water Grill was a delight ... but it had wide open vistas of a closed South Coast Plaza ... some things feel a bit 'normal' ... and others so beyond sad and strange.

      Hope you and yours are well darling! Thank you for visiting! xox

  5. ahhh- the pearl mask is fabulous!! I love that! also love the striped top and gold earrings under the coat-dress! How fun!

    1. Thank you so much darling for visiting here!! Looks like you are having a wonderful time in Maine!! xox

  6. Wow, your coat dress is fabulous, and That Pleated Collar! So gorgeous. We are wearing masks again here, and now I think I want a pearl mask too - a sweet way to cheer up these covid times. I am glad you are finding places to visit which are safe - we are doing much the same, looking for fresh air and places to sit outside where possible. Looking forward to your shop too. xxxx

    1. Thank you Patricia! Yes, I do think fun masks add a bit of cheer during these trying times. I have amassed a little collection by now and it makes having to wear them here in California much more bearable!

      How goes things in Brisbane this week? glad to here you can find places outside as well!

      Thank you also for the shop encouragement darling!! xox

  7. Life continues! Fabulous photo spread! I love that you had the imagination to use the bridal tulle skirt as a regular wardrobe accent piece - it is perfect!! You've created such an amazing silhouette with it. Your opening photo is a story in itself. And you have detailed everything perfectly with that amazing mask, handbag, and shoes. Yess!! You show that life goes on.

    1. Awww!! Thank you ever so much Mel!! High praise coming from your wonderfully, talented and entertaining self!! Thank you so much for your visit here darling!! Afternoon made!! xox

  8. Love Love Love your entire outfit! The gorgeous dress coat duster has me swooning and the fun stripes underneath are such a fun contrast! I so enjoy taking outings with you, thank you for the visual delights!

    1. Ginger so happy to see your comment here ... and that it did work!! Thank you for coming along on our outing!! How goes your garden in Florida and your stunning sunflower harvest? Thank you agin for your visit! xox

  9. Stunning! As always ... darling. A ball skirt?! Who would think of this but you. And, from a bridal store ... of course! I absolutely love your striped tee underneath. A couple of our favorite restaurants pivoted to wonderful markets as well ... it's gratifying to see them open up again for outdoor dining. Your gorgeous style ... and lifestyle ... always inspire me. xo

    1. Juliet thank you so much for visiting darling!! I always so appreciate your thoughtful comments darling! I am so enjoying your own new blog!! xox

  10. only you can wear this and look gorgeous and yes, I what is old can be new again....just have taste and imagination

    1. So lovely to see your comment here my dear! I always so appreciate your visits! Thank you for your kind words darling!! xox

  11. Who could pull this off besides you! So gorgeous!