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The Benefits Getting Dressed

Hello my friends!
Thank you so much for visiting here today!

I'm doing a quick post 
about getting dressed 
during this stressful time.

 I spent most all of last week
in panic mode
glued to the news
in my workout clothes and the same sweater
day after day.

Not a good plan
on so many levels.

This week I realized not getting dressed
was actually making me feel so much worse.
Dowdy and truly out of control.

So this week I have decided to get dressed
for cocktails at home with my husband.

This little change to our day
has helped not only give daily structure
but something to look forward to at the end of the day.

I still am working out hard everyday 
mainly for my own mental health
Working out hard releases much needed endorphins
is one more thing I can actually control
during this time.

To keep myself motivated in my design studio
I challenge myself to 
design a new accessory for my chosen outfit 
of the day.

Yesterday I designed these delightful
shell post earrings
which will be eventually added to my 
New Collection
when my online store reopens.
I am on the hunt for every
silver lining I can find!

Thanks again for stopping by!
What are you doing these days
to make each day better?
I would love to know!

As always my friends

I wish you love and joy
as you style your life


  1. Gorgeous earrings! You are my favorite Fancy Friday favorite this Friday!

    1. Thank you ever so much Nancy! And thank you for picking me for your Fancy Friday Favorite! xox

  2. Oh Tamara! Thank you for this post as I sit listening to Madam Butterfly while wearing my husband's oversized shirt. Good for you to have the fortitude to get dressed up and enjoy every moment during these challenging times. I'll be heading out for a walk around our town lake, keeping my distance from those I meet along the way. Thank you again for your beautiful spirit and style!

    1. Thank you for once again visiting and commenting here dearest Lark! I so appreciate your visits. Your walk sounds ever so lovely! Take care! Sending you big hugs! xox

  3. And, gorgeous earrings! Brava!

  4. Tamera - You and I are on the same wavelength. Sunday I decided to have "dress-up" time for me, my husband, and my 100 year old Mother. The three of us got all decked out. I prepared fabulous appetizers for our happy hour and a sit-down dinner. It was so fun and my Mother loved it. We'll do it again this week. In the meantime, because I like to try out new recipes that have been stored in my recipe binder for ages, I've have been making wonderful, exotic dishes.
    I, too, exercise daily. One hour of yoga and one hour of weight, core training does it for me.
    So dear sweet Tamera, keep the faith and "keep on keepin' on"
    Oh, yes, and I love those earrings; you're so creative. I love making cards, but I've already made custom birthday cards for friends and relatives all the way up to September! So I'm trying to think of funny coronovirus cards I can make and send. (Although I know it's not a funny subject)

    1. Catherine I absolutely love your Dress Up time idea! Bravo!! And then to pair it with wonderful food and cocktails as well! We definitely are on the same wavelength! Lucky for me my husband loves to cook!

      I also find the working out for a couple of hours also a daily need! I am lucky enough to be able to hike in nature from our house. Then I finish you with a mixture of weights and Pilates.

      I like your idea of humorous cards ... the whole thing is so overwhelming ... we need any funny we can find!

      Sending you big, big hugs dearest Catherine! xox

    AMAZING HOW MUCH BETTER I FEEL..................I even put a new outfit on!
    DON'T listen to the news too much.........I find THE DAILY SHOW with TREVOR a Humorous WAY to take it all in and HE SO SPELLS IT OUT PERFECTLY.Follow him on Instagram.THATS MY NEWS!
    I have a funny song I can send you via phone!
    THE CONTESSA Necklace never looked so GOOD!

    1. Yay for showering and a new outfit!! Definitely on my to do list list today after my workout!

      Thank you for recommending The Daily Show! I watched it last night from 1 am to 3 am, when I couldn't sleep!

      I am so looking forward to reading your new Ageless Style today! I am saving reading until I finish my list, so I have something fun to look forward to!

      Take much care my dear friend! Sending you many big hugs! xox

  6. Oh dear Tamera, your blue shirt is so YUMMY! Perfectly set off with the gorgeous new earrings, pearls, and fur. I love your idea, with cocktails. We are planning a picnic in an isolated location on the weekend. I may wear pearls :)) Lots of love in these difficult times. xxox

    1. How lovely to see your comment here darling! I always so appreciate your visits here and always encouraging words! How are things in Brisbane? I love your idea of an isolated picnic! Such a lovely idea! I have been thinking of packing a picnic and you might have just nudged me to actually do it!

      Stay safe! Sending you big, big hugs! xox

    2. Things in Brisbane are quite similar to other countries. The virus increases daily, and more restrictions apply. Most things are closed down and we stay at home. The picnic was lovely, we sat on a hill overlooking the river, watching the pelicans at play. Big hugs back to you Tamera! xox

  7. I've been working from home for 3+ weeks here in Seattle, and getting dressed + putting on makeup + doing my hair every day helps me feel sane! It also helps me get in "work mode." Hope you and your husband stay healthy during this crazy time!

    I hope you have a fabulous week!



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