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Making Take Out Pretty

** (It seems like the whole world
has changed since last Saturday
when we gathered to celebrate my birthday.

I swing from panic mode
I can totally do this.

One thing that hasn't changed
my love of my wonderful family
realizing how very much we are all
in this together.

So I hope this post can offer
a little pretty diversion
in unsettling times.

I think there is a calming force
in still
pursuing beauty
in daily rituals.)

It's up to each of us
to be a light for one another.

So here I offer some sweet little tips
to make your take out
a little bit more special.


My darling daughter came by with a  lovely
Take Out
Pop Up Lunch
this weekend!

It was such a WONDERFUL way to safely come together
for my birthday!

I had just freshened up my living room centerpiece
with flowers from my birthday!

Ellis brought sandwiches and sides form the delicious and local

We kept the lunch super simple and casual
by pulling out trays from my collection
just adding in plates and utensils.

Simply pulling out trays elevated the take out containers

I  brought out purple cloth napkins
to coordinate with my flowers.

Ellis also brought an assortment of canned cocktails form
You and Your's Distillery
which completed the lunch spread!

Plating items on trays
adding coordinating cloth napkins
elevated the delicious take out lunch!

How beautiful are these cans from 
You and Your's Distillery
My darling daughter is
Director of Operations and Events
for the company.

To make the
 Take Out 
Pop Up Lunch
even more special
Ellis made home made
lemon bread
that she wrapped fist in saran wrap to keep it moist
then she wrapped it in wax paper
affixed it with decorative tape! 

And talking about making my Birthday lunch special ....

Ellis invited this cutie
and her parents to lunch 
to surprise me!!

Puppies and babies ....

Thank you so much for stopping by to read.

I hope these sweet pictures
added some joy to your day.

Here's to celebrating the joy
in each day.

The moments big and small.

How are you still 
Pursuing the Pretty?
I'd love to hear.

As always my friends

I wish you love and joy
as you style your life.


    I forget how old she is?
    I DO BELIEVE this is 61 for YOU DEAR TAMERA................HAPPY HAPPY YEAR!
    We are in DAY THREE of SHELTER IN PLACE!MY BEAUTY at the moment is the animals who constantly make me SMILE!A box arrived TODAY from another BLOGGER with vintage items and gluten free treats!It really PERKED ME UP!
    I am worried how MY ITALIAN will stay BUSY!!!!!!HE IS NOT ONE TO SIT AND READ!I have been cooking and reading BLOGS........I need to work on MY AGELESS STYLE POST which will go out next THURSDAY!
    I have a feeling we are in this mode for a long time!

    1. How lovely for you to visit here dearest Contessa! Yes, I turned 61, this month! Thank you for the Birthday wishes my friend! As I am sure you have heard, we too, here in Southern California, have now been told to Shelter in Place. Jeff and I have been doing so for a while, other than last minute visits to our garden centers. I have been seeking solace in the garden, like never before! I have even been planting seeds, instead of plants. There is such optimism and hope in seed planting.

      Looking forward to your Ageless Style post! I am so very grateful for our blogging and Instagram community! It is a wonderful thing to have the connectedness, purpose and inspiration. Thank you for all you do darling! Sending you big hugs and love!! XOX

  2. Beautiful photos as always! Stay safe. Hope to see you on my Fancy Friday linkup party!

    1. Why thank you Nancy! and thank you for the invitation to your lovely linkup party! I have done so and now I can't wait to have the time to explore your blog more! xox

  3. Gosh, your granddaughter is absolutely captivating! From several weeks ago, I did order the crochet dress from Soft Surrounding's Outlet.... I had it rush delivered as I packed it for my birthday (March 9th) holiday in Hawaii. It was perfect for the weather and environment and I thank you for passing on the resource for the dress. Happy birthday, Tamara. .... 61? You look divine and are such an inspiration with your style and soul. Stay well. xoxo

    1. Hello Lark! So happy for your visit here! Yes, isn't our little grand daughter just the cutest thing!

      I am so happy you were able to track down the caftan! Well done darling! Happy Belated Birthday wishes to you! Aren't you so grateful that you were able to get your birthday trip to Hawaii in, before all the restrictions!

      Thank you dear, for your visit and encouraging words! Stay well darling! xox

  4. Your photos certainly have added joy to my late night.What a lovely birthday surprise.Your granddaughter is angelic ... so adorable. In these times of uncertainty I appreciate more than ever the happy diversion of my favorite blogging friends. xo

    1. Juliet thank you ever so much for your continued visits and always encouraging words! I am so enjoying your posts about your Snowberry Reno! Big hugs to you darling! xox

  5. Happy Birthday darling, looks a lovely celebration. Our families bring us so much joy in these uncertain times. Your little grandaughter is such a little cutie, from memory I think she is similar in age to my grandson Harry, it is such a cute age. I was in California last Friday on my way home when the stay in place restrictions were announced. I do hope it has slowed the virus progression. I am currently in 14 day quarantine at home . Take care and stay safe. xx

    1. Jill I can't believe you were actually in LA! I live only an hour away! Under different circumstances it would have been a perfect opportunity to actually meet in person! Sending you big hugs your way darling! xox