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Hello Monday ... Hello Gratitude

Hello Monday!
Hello gratitude!

And boy do I appreciate things settling down here
so I can spend more time focusing on the good in my life
all the simple joys along the way!

I had a delightful visit to one of my favorite home and garden stores
Roger's Gardens.

I came away with the cutest coffee cup and saucer!
I enjoy using it every morning now 
during my coffee, candles and gratitude
before the sun comes up 
morning ritual!

And talk about simple pleasures
how cute are these reading  glasses by 
I will tell you more about them and the fabulous company that makes them in another post!

I am so excited to know
now carries my favorite skincare line
Erno Lazlo!

I have been a loyal Lazlo user since I found it in Neiman Marcus 
when I was 18!
Now that' true  brand loyalty!

Speaking of Soft Surroundings
I went to one of their store openings on Friday.
I'll share more about that tomorrow!

Since I replenished my skincare
I decided to fluff up my cabinet.

I lined the whole inside with some hand made paper I got at 
Roger's Garden's.
I cut it to measure and tacked in on with a glue stick.

It was a quick under an hour project
that makes me happy every time I open my cabinet!

The last couple of months I have been working on updating 
some interior pieces
as well as my outside rooms.

I am loving so many 
at Target.
Like this bamboo chair I added to my
guest room/ closet for my brights.

I got a couple  of new pillows from the same collection.
I also took down a wall sized map
that was left over from the kid years.
Now I have a new wall to hang my accessories!

Not only do I love seeing them
it makes it so much easier to style outfits
when pieces are out in the open.

When my kids started moving out
I literally grieved for each one as the left
for quite some time.

I am now securely on the other side of that hill
definitely appreciate all of the up sides of having 
children grown and flown.

Like finally having great closet spaces
and rooms for my clothe collections.

I really believe you have to intentional with your 
daily Gratitude
focus on all the good.

My black and whites are all kept nice and tidy in the grey room.

I also have a rack in there where I can pull outfits together 
for the week.

I am ever so grateful
that it really feels 
like we are once again 
getting our life in order.

I think a little fluffing the nest
can really freshen up your spaces
add in daily joy and beauty.

I am also getting so excited for 
the upcoming wedding in July!
When my youngest son Hunter will marry the love of his life.

Lots of beautiful memories to be made!

As always my friends

I wish you love and joy
as you style your life


  1. Thank you so much for your words of wisdom and inspiration today👍❤️🙏

    1. Loreen you are so welcome darling! Thank you so much for visiting! xo

  2. SO, as you Know ROGERS is owned by MY COUSIN!
    The paper you bought I believe is done by JILL SEALE?A GAL I MET ON INSTAGRAM who designs textiles and paper..........the BLACK AND WHITE was done from her MUSE OF MY PIGGY!!!!MISTER BANKSY!!!!!!!

    1. How crazy that the fabulous paper was inspired by you very own Mister Banksy!! What a small world! I think of you every time I go into the wonderful Roger's Garden! And how lovely that your son's wedding will be at their truly amazing property!!

      Check Soft Surroundings online. They have some new caftans for summer! I went to an opening of their's last Thursday and was talking with their very lovely PR person, Jessica ... who I have been working with for years now ... and told her I only found Soft Surroundings because of your caftan recommendation! It was by tagging them in my IG that they found me! So thank you very much my friend! xox