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Hello Gratitude ... Hello Self Care

It's been a while since I have written a 
Gratitude Post.

And I can feel it deep into my bones.
It's shocking really how easy it is for me to let doing  the day to day
 allow me to  slip from doing things I  know in my heart that I  must do personally for my own
Self Care

For me, as an oversensitive empath, it seems to take slipping into a darkness
to remind myself once again on the supreme importance of

I think I get to a place of ego and  I got this now ...
I stop practicing 
Good Self Care
under the guise of getting more done in a day.
I let my ego rule my day
I get greedy for 'accomplishment' and 'keeping up with people'.
during which Social Media platforms feel more like daily comparisons
rather than the beautiful tool for connectedness
that they are to me when I am balanced and able to channel my
Higher Self.

So today, with focused intention
of once again channeling my 
Higher Self
here is a list of my 
for this  week.

This week I am ever so Grateful for
 great friends
the ability to spend time with them.
You all know who you are.
My love and appreciation for you is big.

I am so Grateful to spend time with 
For they are so much of my Heart.

And on that note
if you follow me on Instagram you saw last weeks wonderful
Proposal Event!
I am so Grateful
that we will be adding a new family member next July
with the marriage of my youngest son Hunter
to his gorgeous new fiance' Megan!
They have been together six years already
 it was always my secret wish that they would end up together in life.
I will be sharing more of this gorgeous proposal in an upcoming post.

This week I am so grateful for
 my garden.
Early mornings in my garden bring my soul 
peace and calm.

My blooming flowers remind me to be intentional in my focus
appreciation of the beauty before me in the garden
and in life.

In my younger gardening years
I was always trying to get everything in my garden 'perfect'
before I let myself enjoy the garden.
So it was no surprise I really rarely enjoyed my yard and gardens.
Because gardens are a lot like life ...
if you wait until all the parts are in perfect order ...
you will most certainly miss
 the beauty and little miracles along the way.
There are only fleeting moments in a garden
and in  life
when everything lines up perfectly
so it's so important to enjoy every bit of good along the way.

I have realized over my years
it's vitally important to teach yourself to focus
on all the little beauties that happen
not just in the garden 
but in life as well.

This week I will be intentionally focusing on all the good and beautiful to be found each day.

I would love to hear what you are 
for this week.

As always my friends

I wish you love and joy
as you style your life


  1. This week I'm grateful that everyone I knew in Houston is alive and well... Not all of them have homes to go back to, so that really gets you thinking about gratitude and what's important. My self care has taken the direction of not being on social media much at all. I finished a book that's been on my bedside table for six months and have started another and finding it more pleasing than realizing it's 11:30pm, and the only thing I've done is to have been on Instagram for two hours. As far as keeping up with others... For 30 years, I lived in the most famous house in town. It was locked behind a gate, yet it sat on the highest hill. Because it had such a history, everyone wondered about it and wanted a tour. It was fabulous inside and out. Magazines and television stations approached me about letting the cameras in, but I always said no. I didn't live there and didn't decorate it for anyone else but me and my guests. I was adamant about not sharing it with anyone, so now to find myself on Instagram where everyone wants to be perfect and gorgeous is kind of ironic. Think I'm a hermit at heart. Brenda

    1. Brenda thank you very much for your visit and thoughtful comment! I understand how sometimes good self care can involve taking a break from social media ... that was exactly what I was referring to ... when I mentioned 'keeping up with others." I am so happy living in our small suburban home. We have spent the last twenty years customizing not only our small house but our gardens as well.

      Your previous house sounds amazing my dear! I am always enamored with great house stories ... and the love the owners have for them. Thank you again Brenda for taking the time to visit and comment! You my dear, are a truly fascinating women!! xox

  2. Congratulations, Tamara! I'm very happy for your son as it seems he found a gem in his fiance.... the look on her face is angelic. Cheers!

    1. Lark thank you ever so much darling for your visit here ... and your sweet congratulatory words!! xox

  3. Beautiful photos and a treat to read your grateful posts, Tamera. Congratulations to the young couple; your son has found a gorgeous girl to share his life. Today as I wait for my girlfriends to arrive for lunch, I am grateful to have them in my life and can't wait to see them all. Also grateful my husband has a good health result this week, Spring is in the air and the flowers are blooming.

    1. Patricia I always so enjoy your visits all the way from Brisbane! Thank you very much darling for your congratulatory words! We are so happy for Hunter and Megan and look forward to the wedding preparations!!

      I appreciate your gratitudes my dear! So glad to hear your husband's recovery from knee surgery is going well! Happy spring to you and yours! xox

  4. Replies
    1. Thank you so much darling! I am working on my summer garden recap in your honor!! xox

  5. This post brought excellent reminders to me and all of your readers. Thank you so much!

    1. Thank you ever so much Linda for your wonderful and encouraging words!! xox

  6. At first, I have to say thank you for your serious post which is so brave to desclosure your thoughts. Gratitude ... can we learn it or is it a second nature? On the other hand I also believe that you never get what you do not deserve.

    1. Wonderful question darling. I know for me gratitude has been a learned skill. I have spent too much of my life worrying about things ... and trying to control parts of life ... that I have no say in. For me to learn to focus on gratitude ... and the beauty, great or small before me ... has not only given me a more joyful life ... but has also helped with my anxiety issues.

      Thank you so much for your visit dear ... and your thought provoking question! xox

  7. Your garden is beautiful and congratulations to the happy couple. thanks for sharing.

  8. This post speaks to my heart Tamera. I too am painfully aware of the importance of Gratitude in our lives, but often get carried away by the draw of the digital dramas and competitiveness. Increasingly I'm reading about other bloggers who are struggling to keep up - keep up with what is the question? We ought to be happy living our lives and sharing what we want to share, and yet it seems to be like a vortex that draws us in. Taking time to consolidate our position and give thanks as you do here is vital to our happiness, health and mental well being. Thank you for taking the time to give this reminder. And oh, congratulations on the engagement - how lovely!

    Anna x