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Valentine Inspiration

I am hosting a Valentine's Day dinner party this weekend
so I have been going back through my Valentine posts
looking for some holiday inspiration.

I found some ideas I thought would be fun to share again!

How easy is it to take holiday items from the grocery store
and present them in a manner that takes them from the ordinary!

I think I be looking for some pink carnations once again this year!

My large chalk board over the fireplace
always made for quick holiday sentiments!

How precious are these beauties
from a wedding show Ellis and I attended!

These flowers say it all to me for Valentine's Day.
I have always preferred to keep to soft tones 
rather than adding in any reds.
I think it's only because I do heavy doses of reds at Christmas.
Pinks just seem to sigh romance and love.

My husbands hand made notes are always my favorite Valentines to receive!
Even after all these years!

This soft sculpture heart that I made years ago
finds a new place in our home every year!

Even tiny kalanchoe plants can have a Valentine voice!

Here I simply planted them in a candle holder!

This was actually a birthday party for my daughter when she turned 22.
But so much of the styling can easily translate to Valentine's Day!

How fun are these rock candy swizzle sticks!

A magnificent bouquet by Mary Q Vale
at one of the French Basketeer's Valentine inspired Food Camps!

Both of these women have romantic styling down pat!
I am always inspired at their artistry!

How great is the simple use of grape leaves on the cheese display!

I would love to serve this salad at our Valentine dinner ...
but alas I will have to wait until peach season!

Macaroons might be making an appearance Saturday!

I always love adding pinks into my gardens come February .
Potted primrose make for a fast an easy courtyard focal point

As do potted pink tea roses.

How precious is this 
'heart in hand' soap!
I had it in a little vignette in my dressing room.

Looking back over my Valentine styling 
has me inspired for some new ideas this year!

I hope if might also have inspired dome styling ideas of your own!

Now just to figure 
What to Wear!

As always my friends

I wish you love and joy
as you style your life


  1. Thanks for the love ideas for Valentine's Day. We're going out for ours in 16th as we're not keen on the lines of candlelit tables for two in 14th. So today I sneaked a bottle of pink fuzz and a box of chocolate into my supermarket shopping trolley so that we can mark the day in some small way at home. I'll see if I can incorporate some simple decorating idea from this post to vamp up the house. Maybe I should vamp up myself too!

    1. Wonderful idea dear! We also don't like going out on the 14th for the same reason! I love your idea of still marking the day! Happiest of Valentine wishes to you and yours darling! xo

  2. Every picture is so lovely! As with everything it seems you do you do it perfectly! Great post! Peace! Cheryl

    1. Aww thank you so much dear Cheryl for your kind words!! xo

  3. So beautiful, and don't silver and glass look fantastic with pale pink? xo

    1. Thank you dear Patricia! Yes, I completely agree! Will be using that color scheme for dinner this year as well! xo

  4. How divine! So lovely! Best wishes, Pamela

    1. Thank you so much Pamela! Happy Valentines to you dear! xo

  5. ...I always enjoy scrolling through your beautiful images Tamera. Your style is so uniquely layered and warm and rich in color. Thanks for sharing all this lovely inspiration.

  6. All your pictures are beautiful and you too.