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Hello Gratitude

As my life settles down into place
in this New Chapter of life
I am reminded about the importance of
on the path to
 personal happiness and contentment.

I know from personal experience
my happiness is usually in proportion 
to the amount of time I spend reflecting on being

I want to spend more of my time 
concentrating on the good in my life
less on uncertainty and anxiety.

I want to welcome and celebrate each new day
 the promise of finding  simple beauties.

I want to find all the joys
this chapter in my life has to bring.

I want to relish in cleaning my kitchen.

It might seem an odd joy.
But for me
slowing down enough
to give a room a deep clean
these days …

gives me the time for reflecting on

of a kitchen filled with little beauties
collected over time.

Cleaning my kitchen
slows me down enough
to be grateful
for  the functioning appliances 
the ability to mix form and function
in  the workhorse room of my house.

For me
bringing Art in the kitchen
elevates the daily duties.

Slowing down enough to give my kitchen a deep clean
gives me time to really marvel in the beauty before me.

Escaping even for a moment
to being fully present …

Releasing the 
'Someday I'll' 
the frantic to do lists
that don't even need to be any more.

I have to admit
too many times recently
I have thought
'it's just that next purchase'
that will fill a void in my heart.

There recently has been a  wild attempt
to fill in emotional holes
'with stuff'.
The promises of the latest purchase
the search for happiness.

All the time knowing

stuff doesn't really mend things.

And sometimes it can actually add to chaos of life.

So this week
I am slowing down
to take time to clean, organize and honor the possessions 
I do have.

While I edit pieces
to donate
so they can continue on 
to serve others.

I am most 
for Time.

Time to Clean.
Time to Organize.
Time to Release Unused Possessions.

Most of all
Time to Reflect on Gratitude.

As always my friends

I wish you love and joy
as you style your life


  1. Lovely Words! I recently read The Life Changing Magic of Tidying Up...Marie Kondo talks a lot about being grateful and releasing things to be used by someone else. It's a whole different approach to our stuff.

  2. What a lovely post. It reminds me that I need to be more "detached" from the material things, too. Bless you, and thank you.

  3. How timely is your message Tamera! I recently retired! And I am finding this luxury of time to be wonderful finally setting myself free from those endless to do lists... I am also finding joy in cleaning and's funny how I can be in the moment when cleaning...Crazy!!
    Look forward to seeing you soon with Andrea. Hugs

  4. :-) Lovely post - it's so great to let the mind wander...
    Take care and have a very HAPPY week :-)

  5. I always enjoy the gentle reminder that your Gratitude posts bring to me, it is so easy to focus on the negative in our lives. I am finding with the passing of time the accumulation of things is of no interest to me anymore.Focusing on the people that bring joy to my life is now my priority.

  6. Every day I feel gratitude in the simple and not so simple things. My health of is way up there and of course my most wonderful husband. I try to be in the moment while cleaning the bathrooms, and cooking. One of my great pleasures is to go slow while cutting the food that I am going to prepare, instead of trying to act like the TV cooks....ha ha ha ! So fun!

  7. A nice post, Tamara. There is much joy in simple acts, tidying, organising, lightening the burden of 'stuff'. My 'when I retire' translates as your 'someday I'll'. I've been retired for a few years but it's difficult to find time for the 'someday I'll' projects. They mount up. One huge 'someday I'll' cloud hanging over me has been to clear out the junk in the sheds. But I did that this week and I am riding that cloud 9, having released an embarrassing amount of junk!
    So I wish you joy and immense satisfaction as you clean, edit, release ...

  8. Fabulous post Tamera! I connected so well with all that you've said here. Great reminders for us to stay present and find joy in the everyday! Thank you!

  9. I'm in a time in my life when it's time for a good kitchen scrubbing... and would love to know what awesome kitchen scrubbing outfits you put together! You are a good heart and an inspiration.