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Tropical Inspired Bridal Shower

It was a 
Tropical Inspired Wedding Shower
for my girl Ellis!

Which made my house and yard a perfect venue!
I couldn't be more pleased how it all turned out!

We began the party planning process with
by ordering custom invites!

After that I  did much of  the projects myself
with the exception of the wooden chargers
that were made by my wonderful husband and son!
I had a very full three week schedule booked with things to do.
But part of that schedule included fluffing things at home and in the gardens.

In the end
I couldn't have been happier how my girl's
Tropical Inspired Shower
 came out!

So today let the pretty party sharing begin!

I covered my huge chalk board above the fireplace in pinks
mixed citrus into my plants in iron urns!
The paper fans I found at Michaels and I just so
appreciate the paper quality!

With rain in the forecast we flipped our usual entertaining in the backyard
brought the sit down brunch inside.

We rented 2 tables and 20 chairs.
Wooden placemats were made.
Dishes were layered with my collection of vintage linens.


Each place setting received a take home favor of a  glass terrarium.

Centerpieces were  driftwood set in with succulents.
I added paper umbrellas to each
to carry through not only the pink color
but some more paper goods tropical whimsy.

We ordered plastic tropical leaves
 they ended up to be decorating gold!
Inside I turned some into artwork.
Outside they helped carry through a united theme.

We emptied the living/dining room
to insure proper party flow.

I garnished my potted trees with mounds of citrus
to finish off the tropical scheme with a pop of natural color.

I used pre washed drop cloths
for tablecloths.
I left them unironed for added texture
which juxtaposed perfectly with the crisply pressed napkins.

Ellis's Maid of honor, Hannah
did a lovely job of organizing and facilitating
the shower games!

We played Guess the Ring
where each guest puts their ring onto a tray 
where it receives a tagged number.
Then the tray is passed around for everyone to guess who each ring belongs to.

Since we ended up with perfect weather
the shower began in the backyard.

Guests were welcomed with a choice of beverage.

To make the simple champagne glasses more fun and festive
I made novelty wedding ring charms for each glass.
Next week I will show you just how easy this project is to make!

We had a mimosa bar with 4 choices of juices
sparkling non alcoholic juices
plenty of sparkling water!

Several appetizers were passed.
My favorite was these sweet picks of berries and cheese!

I styled a carrot cake with some tropical shower flair!

As I mentioned in my previous post HERE
I brought out my tropical flower crowns for the photo booth
they were  a huge hit with  the guests.

Because we had rented a canopied tent in case of rain
I chose a tropical green  backside
which made for a most perfect Photo Booth  backdrop.

After three weeks prep
the afternoon seemed to fly by
so the pictures make the most precious lasting memories!

The last game was a Bride and Groom trivia that 
Hannah had also made!
She had spent the evening before asking Ellis and Elliot questions
but it was her tricky close answers
that made for such an entertaining game!

And of course there were fabulous presents to be opened!
I must say Ellis and Elliot now have a beautiful stocked kitchen!

All the hard work and prep
payed off beautifully!
It was a magical and memorable afternoon
shared with the gorgeous
bride to be
beloved family and friends!

As always my friends

I wish you love and joy
as you style your life


  1. What a gorgeous party.


  2. I am gasping away here, what a treasure trove of images, you are so talented I loved it all.
    Now seriously, I want to buy one of your palm art works, please please put them into your shop, pic 9 lower right hand side - please stock them!

  3. I'm quite speechless, my friend. But I'm not at all surprised just from knowing you that this event would be one of top perfection. Every last tiny detail was thought through and carried out wonderfully. Isn't it the most joyful feeling when you look around and all your guest have smiles on their faces, are relaxed and enjoying themselves. It makes all the hard work and prep so worth it. You are one amazing lady.
    I can see why you are a bit under the weather now (my body or head seems to react the same way after a big event).

  4. What a beautiful setting for a memorable event. Love the whole look of it! Do you make the beautiful flower crowns yourself? When I see the photos of you wearing one, I think to myself how much I'd love to wear a flower crown! This all looks so beautiful, and I am going to have to look over the photos again!

  5. Oh my! Truly spectacular Tamera, in every way. The setting, decor, food, dress, crowns...ALL! Your attention to detail is inspiring. Your beautiful daughter will remember this forever. You both are blessed! XO

  6. My Goodness! It is just gorgeous...all of it! The tiny terrariums were so novel and sweet. The games seemed like so much fun. Congratulations, I can see you had a wonderful time.

  7. That is one of the most beautiful showers ive ever seen! Lovely celebration for Ellis. Great job!

  8. How beautiful! You win the Oscar for style! A lovely memory for your daughter to look back on later. Best wishes, Pamela

  9. I love looking at the whole picture where I see so much attention to detail. You are so creative, I can only dream of having a little of that plus your energy! You have a beautiful family.

  10. You not only should be receive the mom of the year award, but also stylist & host. Ellis' shower could not have been more idyllic; by the look of your great photos, she was thrilled with the day. Beautiful daughter, beautiful memories.

  11. It's all summed up in Ellis' smile!

  12. What an amazing job you did! This is fabulous and so much work...but worth it to honor your daughter. Such an inspiration, Tamera.

  13. Nicely done, my friend. Nicely done. I love you dearly. We have some special daughters. Indeed.