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Tropical Flower Crowns... Bridal Shower

The Bridal Shower
for my girl 
was a complete success this weekend!

The setting and prep was done to a tee!
But for me it was the interaction and joy with
Flower Crowns 
that made it such a memorable event!

Everyone had trying on crowns
for tha photo booth
from women in their early 20's to 70's
 everyone in between!

There was wonderful joy in 
Crowning Ourselves
 for the afternoon!

Ellis had picked a
Tropical shower theme
which we carried throughout the shower.

With actual rain in the forecast
we rented a tent
with a tropical background for a perfect photo backdrop.

For myself I designed an oversized 
peach peony crown
to wear with my kimono from Le Belage Boutique
in SanDiego.

Under the kimono I wore a chiffon maxi dress
that I recently found at Target
to complement the voile kimono.
They worked perfectly for hostessing
as I was able to freely move about
in flat sandal.
A perfect fit for an indoor/outdoor 
bridal shower.

Ellis picked a white romper to wear from Ambercrombie
so I did a custom designed
Crown for the Bride
to be!

How gorgeous did my girl look!

But the Crowning fun didn't end with just Ellis and I.

I brought out all of my topical crowns
for photo booth props
was ever so delighted 
how everyone got into the fun of 
wearing crowns!

I helped with styling
as always with my crowns
they looked absolutely beautiful on everyone!

How absolutely delightful does the Mother of the Groom 
look in a succulent creation!

As well as in  a dramatic flower crown!

Ellis's gorgeous friends
each wore crowns with so much style!

Ellis and her  Maid of Honor Hannah
have been friends since 8th grade
have been celebrating life moments
since high school days of winter formals and proms!

One of the beautiful outcomes of the girl's friendship
is that her Momma and I have become the best of friends.

I have to say there were some emotional moments
for us all
stepping back and seeing
just how much life just keeps marching on
to new life experiences.
I try to hard to savor these life moments
so I can pull them up over and again.

How gorgeous does my dear friend Dorie look in a crown!

My friendship with Dorie
is a blogging connection with a twist!

When I went to the Bloggers in Napa Event that
 Adrienne of 
 The Rich Life On a Budget
I met
 of the blog

When Heather came down to visit Southern California
I knew I had to invite her to dinner.
She thought I would hit it off with her sister
who had been a designer for Saint John's Knits for over 20 years
 asked if she could bring Dorie.
I said of course!
And have been grateful every since!

Then it was Dorie who introduced me to her fantastic friend Sue
several years ago
at a  fabulous New Years Eve Birthday party that Sue threw for Dorie's 50th!

And now we all four are friends!
You just never know how dear friends
can come into your life!

More and more
now that my children are grown and flown
I truly revel in the importance of close girlfriends in my life.

How beautiful does my Mother look in her crown!
Three generations
Crrowning Ourselves!

It was a most remarkable and memorable shower 
for this Momma.

Not only are Bridal Showers for the Bride to be
but they are events
that we can all use as touchstones to  our own life moments …

Pretty much like weddings.

Where we can come together to celebrate and support.
Bask in the hopeful optimism of  those embarking on new lives.

They are events where  we can look back to our moments in time
when we too set off on out life journeys
 remember who was there to celebrate with us.

We can look forward to the unfolding of all our new chapters.

But most importantly
we can take a moment
push all that is beautiful and loving about the day
deep into our heart.
To become acherished memory of a present day.

As always my friends

I wish you love an d joy
as you style your life

I will be back later this week with all the 
beautiful details of Ellis's Bridal Shower!


  1. :-) Oh, Tamera, this is not only extremely stylish and beautiful,
    but so heartwarming!
    Love the pictures of all the lovely ladies, but my favorite is of you, your daughter and your mother,
    crowned by pretty flowers and lots of love.
    Have a very HAPPY week :-)

    1. Thank you ever so much my dear! That photo is also a favorite of mine. I will always remember that moment … of past and future in that very present moment.

      Thank you also for taking the time to leave such lovely comments!


  2. You have outdone yourself, my gorgeous friend. It is evident that this event was one of pure joy. Your mother is absolutely adorable. And as for Ellis, she is beyond gorgeous and just radiating with happiness. You are one amazing woman, mother, and friend.

  3. Dear Tamera, how lovely you have shared the very special shower with us all. Everybody looks beautiful in their crowns, and your mother is an exquisite little lady. The photo of her with her daughter and granddaughter is just gorgeous - what a trio! Also love the pic of you with your own special friends, all look so interesting and attractive. Crowns made the day :-) xx

  4. So beautiful! I am going to step out of my Plain Jane place and make a crown! I have some pretty lime green puffy flowers.

  5. All so gorgeous. Love the generational photo. Beautiful memories

  6. The photo of you with your daughter and mother is simply beautiful. How lucky is Ellis to have her Nanna here at such a special time. Cherish!!!

  7. What a wonderful season this is for your family! Ellis is an absolutely beautiful bride-to-be! And I love everyone in their floral crowns! I hope it was a very memorable afternoon!

  8. Such a wonderful post to share such a special day! I love the crowns, the smiles, the three generations- everything!

    And all the happiness to your girl! ❤️❤️❤️

  9. What wonderful memories you have created. Stunning, just stunning!

  10. A beautiful event, Tamera. You have created memories that will be with you and your family forever. Everyone one looks stunning in their crowns! I especially love the three generations in their floral headpieces. Thank you for sharing this special photo with Hat Attack!