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Holiday Dressing

I  was invited to a most marvelous Christmas Party
at the fabulous French Basketeer's last week
So I knew I wanted an equally marvelous outfit to wear!

It was time once again to pull out my beloved tulle skirt
that I picked up in Paris at L'Opera store!

I had even committed to a real haircut for the party!
And I must say
I am just loving having bangs right now!

I wrapped a special crown for the French Basketeer
because it was her birthday!!

I added a short jacket to the skirt.
It's one from Target I have had for a while
I just added some vintage furs cuffs to the sleeves.

I wore a top hat that I am just loving for the holidays
for the photo shoot! 

For the actual party
I switched to my brand new
Frosted Berry Christmas Crown
that I designed especially for the event!

My suede boots are a recent find
from Target recently
I must say they are particularly comfortable for the height!

Here's to a 
 most wonderful Holiday Season!

As always my friends

I wish you love and joy
as you style your life


  1. Gorgeous! You make this black outfit sing, Tamera! xox

  2. Oh, so classy! The top hat is great, but I love the frosted cranberry tiara!

  3. Love the top hat,, Tamera! Such a fun look!

  4. Love it. I think I know how I'm styling one of my holiday outfits.

  5. That cranberry crown is almost as gorgeous as you are.

  6. You are such a vibrant, beautiful woman, Tamera!

  7. OMG, you look gorgeous and remind me soooo much of Stevie Nicks here with your hair, hat, and dress...and I LOVE her! Your hair (bangs) is amazing!

  8. Thank you for the constant inspiration. Wishing you very happy holidays!

  9. You are adorable.
    LOVE the new bangs!

  10. A beautiful look, Tamera. The headdress and skirt they are two cuties.

  11. Love these outfits!


  12. Love the hair and red lipstick - a different look for you but gorgeous. And the crown, boy do I need one!

  13. Love it! Both the top hat (very Stevie Nicks!) and the holiday crown. Just lovely and inspiring as always.

  14. You are really a beautiful woman full of fantasy.
    As I already said it, difficult to wear here in France, but so so original, so full of imagination. I really appreciate your style and kind of beauty.

  15. So cute, and Very Stylish indeed, Tamera. Love it all :)) xx

  16. A beautiful, feminine and creative look.

  17. I SAW IT IN PERSON...........STUNNING!
    The haircut has taken YEARS off of YOU..........what did see call you in the kitchen?A YOUNG STAR.......the name escapes me at the moment!

  18. Love this look on you! Simply smashing!


  19. you really make your life artful and you are so unique. Even (as an European) I find it sometimes quite bold how you get dressed I love
    love love the style on you and how you get donned right on any occasion.

  20. :-) I love that artful approach to anything you do!
    You look fabulous - that hairstyle is so different and looks so good on you (as everything else does!)
    Looking forward to reading more…have subscribed to your blog now.
    Have a very HAPPY week and all the best from Vienna :-)

  21. Loving your fringe as we say, very youthful...if that is a good thing!
    Your crowns are always spectacular and this is no exception...but the top hat also looks stunning. Can't choose!
    Hope your festivities are extra special this year. Jazzy Jack

  22. Great outfit. I caught my eyes on a blog you were featured.

  23. Fabulous! And the haircut is wonderful!

  24. Your bangs are perfect, Tamera. Great choice for a new look. And your choices of headwear are equally divine. Thank you so much for sharing with Hat Attack and wishing you all the best for 2016!