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Moments of Clarity

It's funny how some moments in life
can make you stop in your tracks
see things in a different perspective.

After over ten years of ownership
we sold our beloved Airstream this weekend.

As much as we loved it
we used it so infrequently
we just couldn't on any level
 justify the cost.

So it now lives in a most beautiful part of Santa Monica
opening a brand new chapter  with it's new owner …

as Jeff and I close a chapter of our own.

The finality of closing our Airstream chapter
reiterates again
how our child rearing chapters are truly  closed.

And I realized this weekend
I have spent so much time pining over each child 
as they have  grown and flown
I have never truly looked forward …

to put together a vivid plan 
for this second half with Jeff and I.

Outfit details: vest-Stella Carakasi, pants-Antropologie, wrap-Ikea, accessories-Tamera Beardsley Design, Sunglasses-Celine

All of a sudden there is a lightness with the future possibilities.

Jeff and I have made it through some rocky times
as parenting can be hard on a marriage.
We have  come out the other end
still together
a whole future 
in front of us.

This weekend offered me some moments
of clarity
regarding my future.

It hit me that in 9 short years 
I will be 65.
In fifteen I will be 71.

Ages and numbers
I really haven't thought through at all.
it all seems to be going so very fast.

But I do know it is
my intent is
to live them fully and passionately.
So I will put even more focus on
health and longevity.

It's kind of a beautiful thing
to look towards a future
that is yet to be scripted …

Especially knowing I get to still  hold close
my loves ... 

while I reach out for
the best of what is to be.
I will make aging
my next chapters 
my Art.

I will head into growing older
courage, passion and graceful intent.

As always my friends

I wish you love and joy
as you style your life


  1. Such an inspiring post, Tamera! Yes, we need to look ahead with purpose and positivity. I love this gorgeous, ethereal look on you.

    1. Susan thank you ever so much my dear!

      Loved your Labor Day wardrobe/travel post!

  2. Absolutely beautiful! I love this so much, I see so many people going though life without much of a plan, and whilst there's nothing really wrong with that - I also know that some wonder why they have so little meaning to their days, why time just seems to be passing by. I am excited to follow along on your future journey. Gorgeous pictures and words. Thanks for sharing. Esther xx

    1. Thank you very much Esther for your thoughtful words and comment!

      I am enamored with your list of 100 happy words! I was struck how just reading through them several times … had such a calming effect. I do think I need to be doing a list for myself. Thank you for sharing such a beautiful idea!

  3. Growing older with courage, passion, and graceful intent, now that's what I call a joyful way to live. So peaceful for the soul. Absolutely beautiful post, my lovely friend. Your words are soul piercing and the photos are breath taking.

    1. Aww thank you my beautiful friend for this gift of words! You are a true gem of a gorgeous soul!

      I am sure you are savoring your time on the stunning Lake Powel! Sending big hugs your way!

  4. Beautiful words and beautiful pictures; that Ikea wrap is a fantastic idea. Here is to the next chapter in your life and please continue to inspire us !

    1. Thank you very much for your kind words my dear! I fell in love with the Ikea wrap! It's as useful to sea as it is to cozy up on the bed with! Thank you for your gift of words! xo

  5. An absolutely beautiful and sophisticated look. White everything is wonderful, and your proposal is shocking.

  6. This is a wonderful post, dear Tamera. You truly live what you are saying, I admire that!
    You and your photos are beyond beautiful - inside and outside.

    Annette | Lady of Style

    1. Annette thank you ever so much you gorgeous women you! Your words are a true gift! xo

  7. You look fabulous! You are an inspiration to us all.

  8. Lusting after your BAUBLES.........both neck piece and arm CANDY!
    The reality has set in for me too..........funny how we both seem to be at the same place at the same time!
    You seem to be doing a good job with DATE NIGHTS and OUTINGS.
    A wedding in your future...........Healthy parents...............working in your garden.

    1. Aww why thank you darling! Thanks so for stopping by my dear! Happy to hear todays earthquake left you unscathed! xoxo

    2. As you know I live in France, the situation inside a town is not so easy to practice your wise philosophy as you live in a sumptuous idyllic part of the world with these great iriginal clothes like your Ikea cape impossible to wear here !
      So getting older is more difficult for me than you living in complete liberty of what to wear e.g. And to walk near the sea in a wild nature.
      Of course your way of loving life is an inspiration of course but so much easier in your way of life.than in a polluted town!
      Anyway, continue to make me dream to be in another part of the wold.

    3. Jeanne, whether you know it or not, many Americans would love to trade places with you and live in France. What you see in these pictures is beautiful, but is not how everyday life is for most people here. Southern California is also very polluted and not always as beautiful and you see in these pictures. Tamera's style is stunning and probably not her everyday garb. Life here is not as easy as it appears on tv, movies or in pictures. We all dream and work towards a perfect life, which probably does not exist in this day and age.

  9. Love this! I took some time this weekend to write a job description for myself. I was having a hard time figuring out goals for the next chapter so I wrote down a job description for myself. It was a huge help to see what I am doing now and compare that to what I want to be doing. And it put everything in a positive light-adding value to myself. All the best, Jana

  10. Beautiful attitude from a beautiful lady, Tamera. You look fabulous in white, and the Ikea wrap is inspirational. It is sad to see the Airstream go, but I know the next 15 years will be full of happiness for you as you graciously live as an 'older couple'. Maybe grandchildren will come too - how lovely would that be :) xox

  11. Love your wrap Tamera!! It is amazing how quickly the years roll by!
    Looking forward and having adventures to look forward to are so important!! What better than a great companion to make plans with!
    The Arts by Karena

  12. Gorgeous from clothes to message...such an inspiring post!

  13. This is such a beautiful post and it absolutely 'shouts' at me, in a good way. I have long being guilty of age and numbers, my husband doesn't understand it...for all my yoga it is my gorgeous husband that continually lives in the present. I will join you and head into growing older with courage, passion and graceful intent. Thank you for your wisdom, beauty and grace, Tamera xx

  14. You look beautiful, my friend. Another lovely post with inspirational words to help guide us as we enter the different stages in life. I had a birthday this week (my 64th) and you're so right about time passing quickly. Thank you for sharing your thoughts and feelings.

  15. Dear Tamera, I love this beautiful post - such clarity and intention for this second phase of life! You always inspire me - taking this new phase as a beginning and a large, bright, blue horizon with open vistas is a wonderful attitude. I'll take your thoughts with me as I head down to Crystal Cove and Reef Point to do my power walk. AND, I wanted to say thank you for the stunningly gorgeous turquoise bracelet my friend CS commissioned! It fits my wrist perfectly and I will wear it with such joy knowing that two such wonderful women were involved in bringing it into my life! It will be an icon of inspiration for my second phase of life as well. Sending lots of warm wishes and many thanks!! XOXO -- Professor V.O. (I can't believe you remembered me from the mall!)

    1. My dear what a joy to hear from you! Notes like yours … are what bring me not only joy from blogging … but from creating pieces of jewelry … that can elicit such joy in the wearing! Thank you for this lovely gift of words!


  16. Beautiful words to live the next chapter by. And I realise that you have written what I have started to think about, & that we are the same age! Yes it is indeed time to plan the next chapter

  17. Just beautiful, Tamera. And just the kind of words I needed right about now. And, as always, *loving* the look! Gorgeous! xx UB :)

  18. those beautiful pearls! I too will be 65. Thank you for the words of wisdom! ha

  19. those beautiful pearls! I too will be 65. Thank you for the words of wisdom! ha

  20. I am 67 1/2 and the second half is great. It is wonderful to look back and see one's accomplishments, enjoying children, grandchildren and great grandchildren. Although I am 67, I still love life, and all the beautiful things that go along with it. I stopped thinking about how old I will be and just enjoy being. I enjoy your blog and hope you enjoy your second half as much as I am. And please remember there is life beyond children. They must move on with their own lives, sometime including us and sometimes not. But, eventually they come around. It can often be hurtful, but you can't let what your children do define who you are and how you live your life. I wish you the best as you continue your journey. Much love.