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Road Trip Packing Part One … What I Wore to the Biltmore Santa Barbara

I love road trips with my husband
I am as happy to be the passenger as my husband is to be the driver.
Here in California there is so much vast beauty to experience
road trips for me are the perfect way to truly see our state.

When packing for any road trip 
now matter how long or short
I have two objectives in mind

comfort in the car
and then
looking polished
upon arrival no matter where the road takes us.

I was very happy with my packing choices this trip.
I took a grey color palette of separates and  also one in beige.
Both of these color palettes paired perfectly 
with some white basic  pieces as well.

Traveling by car for the day
one experiences a lot of changes in temperatures
so layers are always a perfect solution.

I brought two wraps this trip and they served me well!
Not only for getting out and sightseeing  in chilly weather
but they kept me cozy in the car as well!

I also brought my new Lack of Color hats
that I ordered from Australia.
A hat means never having to worry what shape my hair is in
by the end of traveling days.
All I have to do is pull it up and under
for instant traveling polish.

Layers meant  that as the day progressed and the heat rose
all I needed to do was peel off a layer or two and I was all good!

Before I left for my trip 
I wanted to freshen my palette separates with some fun new pieces.
So I shopped for some shoes to spice up my spring picks.
I actually ended up at Target where I found some fun summer sandals.
These foam platforms in silver
were really comfortable for walking long distances
a slide is always a great choice for a road trip
because of the easy on and off.

I used my white cross body purse I found at Forever 21.
I  had searched high and low (end)
for a solid white purse without detail
that I knew would integrate into my wardrobe basics.

I really enjoy the longer strap and the fact in can be carried with the handles as well.
The cross body detail was of particular use
when we were in San Francisco and I could keep my purse safely front and center.

Our first stop traveling the coast up north
is always 
The Biltmore Santa Barbara
which is actually  located in Montecito .

We have been making the trip in that directions for so many years
especially the years our daughter was in college in San Luis Obispo.

The Biltmore here is a historic property built in the 1920's
 harkens back to a time of lavish glamour.
Visiting whether to stay or have a beautiful meal
I always feel I have arrived at a glorious destination.

One of the very best parts of the property is …

that this is straight across.
A magnificent beachfront
just steps across from the hotel.

When we arrived at the Biltmore
 all I had to do was add on my hat
 a statement necklace
to my cozy car outfit
which consisted of stretch ankle pats from Anrhopologie
a new Free People tunic slip in white and grey
my J Crew wool sweatshirt.
And presto my cozy road trip outfit was polished enough for the grandeur
of the Montecito Bilmore!

As many times as we've been
it never gets old.
The artistic details and craftsmanship  are literally around every corner.

Whether you  look down or up
the details are magnificent.

It was such a warm day in Montecito 
we chose to have breakfast on the patio which is across from the ocean.
It's so close in fact, you can hear the roar of crashing waves.
The fire pit provided just enough warmth to take the chill off.

The food is always Four Season's spectacular
but it was the umbrella's I was particularity taken with.
They are all solid from the outside
but sitting underneath they turn into magical striped versions!
I have big love for the transformative power of umbrellas
especially here in SoCal
so I might just be putting this version on my to find list!

The  Biltmore property is sprawling with lavish landscaping 
perfectly maintained.

Tucked away pools 
just cll out for sunning. and lounging.

These spiral steps get me every time!
They just ooze romance.

As stunning as the Biltmore  Santa Barbara property  is
it is this view across the street
that elevates the experience to magical!
It almost feels like you have found your very own island oasis!

As always my friends 

I wish you love and joy
as you style your life


  1. I was hoping you would post about this trip. It is even more beautiful than I had imagined. I always shake my head at your traveling ensembles and your organization technique. But, seriously my friend, I truly believe you hop out of bed totally polished. I know if you spent a week or even a weekend with me you would laugh your head off.

    1. Trina I have seen you dress for your trips … and you always look wonderful! I especially love your absolutely perfect outfit when our families met in San Diego at the beach!

      Thank you for visiting my sweet, sweet friend!


  2. Love your car outfit that goes from comfort to fabulous with accessories! Great idea, one that I am implementing immediately! Lovely trip! Happy Tuesday, Rié

  3. Rei thank you very much my dear! I have just been over perusing your lovely blog. Your Living Beautifully series is so fresh and inspiring! It definitely has me in the mood to freshen up some of my daily beautiful rituals and spaces!


  4. Gorgeous post, gorgeous you and I miss you so much!! Come back!
    xoxox, A

    1. Oh my heavens … I miss you so much! What a dream weekend it was with you my gorgeous friend!


  5. Your style is such a wonderful expression of creativity. That is a gift we should all exercise.

    1. Lulu thank you my dear for your lovely words! Yes, I absolutely agree that personal style can be such a fun expression of creativity! On some days it feels like one area we can have complete control in life!

      I want to say how much I adore your blog and your recent captures of Maine breaking into spring. You capture nature with a poets soul. Thank you for sharing such beauty!


  6. I loved this place when my husband and I visited. I quite liked all of that area around there. You did a great job capturing it in photos.


  7. Tamara you look gorgeous as usual, the Four Seasons -Biltmore is where I stayed the last time I was in Montecito, what a dream! I am so looking forward to seeing you!

    The Arts by Karena
    Bunnies by Hunt Slonem!

  8. I love the layering in this look, you always look so gorgeously feminine no matter what you wear. The locations shots are really beautiful , they make me feel as If I am there too.

    Accidental Icon

  9. all I know about Carmel is that Eastwood used to be mayor and hw it was the setting for Ply Misty for me, looks SO gorgeous x

  10. Gorgeous photos of the Biltmore. You definitely did it justice! ..and your view of the ocean with the cement "fence" in the foreground, is called "The Wall." Many, many memories are shared amongst those local, of life markers at The Wall! I'm so glad you enjoyed your stay in Montecito.