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What I Wore To My Therapist

 What I Wore To My Therapist

I shared this photo and caption 
yesterday on my Instagram
 thought it was important enough 
to share here as well.

As I wrote yesterday
I don't do this to over share or be flippant
but rather to make a statement on how important
I think mental health is in practicing
Self Care.

Life can be hard and messy at times
sometimes relationships don't work out 
the way we hope.

When this happens to me
I make an appointment with 
my therapist
sometimes it takes a professional
to help sort out the
pain and the hurt
to insure
anger doesn't become an undercurrent in my soul.

I'm not sharing this from a place
of sadness today
but from a place 
of strength and confidence.

in the fact I can trust myself to
take good care of me.
Which gives me courage 
to show up more fully in life.

I live a beautiful gracious life
with much gratitude
because I have worked hard to get here.
I am grateful that I have learned
the importance of
self respect 
self care.

I am ever so aware
of the importance of treating myself with 
love and kindness
so I can offer the same to others.

Not only that
I know if I don't invest in my own emotional reserves
I can come too close for comfort
to wreking emotional chaos
on those I love
when I am coming from a place of anger and fear.

So I am 
Crowning Myself
because I am proud 
for being strong enough
to seek out help
to put the pieces of my life in order.

I am also most grateful
to be going to one of my very favorite places today.
Nothing feeds my soul
like hiking in nature
with good friends at the beach.

As always my friends

I wish you love and joy
as you style your life


  1. Brava, Tamera...I totally agree with you!

    1. Thank you Margy dear! Your comments are always very meaningful to me! xox

  2. What a wise woman you are. But, do tell, what was the therapist's reaction?

    1. Thank you Donna! Luckily my therapist has an artistic eye and appreciation of fashion … so I always feel very comfortable being my authentic self. but I absolutely understand your question my dear :)) xox

  3. Self-care is so important, including caring for that space between our ears. ;-) Brava to you for your wisdom and courage.

    1. Susan thank you so very much! I truly appreciate your words. xox

  4. You know it is very difficult to ask for help. Sometimes as women and mothers we feel that we can and should do it all ourselves. It is an act of bravery to be able to open ourselves up and admit that we need some support. I am finally seeing a therapist after 5 years of struggling with major health problems and falsely believing that I could remain strong and handle it all myself. Good for you, my friend. And thank you for always providing a big dose of beauty for us all. Much Love.

    1. Asking for help … is something I am learning to see … as coming from a place of strength and self respect. Pretty much the opposite of the way I used to view asking.

      I am so happy to hear … you too are showing courage and self respect … in enlisting the help of a therapist my dear. thank your for your bravery in sharing about your choice as well! And I must say you are looking absolutely gorgeous these days! xox

  5. Tamera, There are times in life we all need extra help in some way or another. It takes a lot of courage to ask. I'm proud of you my friend.
    The Arts by Karena

  6. Tamera, good to hear about your strides in taking good care of yourself. Talking with someone we can trust is empowering and give us confidence in who we already are.
    Happy Spring!

  7. Congratulations on your courage to step forward and be transparent! I couldn't agree with you more. I rarely step forward myself...after experiencing a significant loss in my life, therapy saved me. My journey into therapy wasn't immediate, I suffered and lost all joy. I felt very ambivalent about life when I finally decided to go. Today, I am incredibly thankful I made that decision. I cherish my life and the people in it. I am so happy to hear you also made that decision to go and that it's made a difference for you also. All the best dear friend!

  8. Dearest Tamera,

    So many of my friends and family do not understand why I blog. They shake their heads in dismay. They have indicated that blogging could be a waste of time. Why spend time with strangers? People you will never meet . . . Perhaps, how some view a visit with a therapist.

    For me blogging has been a form of self care. So many of my blog friends have validated my own feelings. I have also offered comfort and support when appropriate. I wish that I had found this vehicle for expression and sharing when I entered my fifties. I am appreciative that it was discovered along the path into my 60's.

    A healthy mind sets the sails for navigating the challenges ahead. As we age, the course presents sadness often. Most times with a loss. Be it a passing of loved one, the ability to physically accomplish something you did easily when younger, or a child leaving the nest.

    Your posts are love letters. Your posts are honest and sincere. You truly share.

    You are a mega (healthy) dose of Vitamin T!

    I so hope that your therapist reads your blog.

    Yesterday morning, I found my crown waiting at my desk at work after returning from four days at Whistler, BC. What brilliant timing, my friend!

    I will crown Chrislyn when we take Holland Grace to see Cinderella. Your signature pearl will be displayed in Chrislyn's childhood dollhouse. Mr D and I are renovating it to "gift" to Holland on her fourth birthday in June. ( She truly "is" a pearl.)
    Thank you for your generosity and gracious friendship.
    Thank you for your love!
    I have crowned myself!
    I feel blessed and special.

  9. Self care ,both physically and mentally, is so valuable to us and those we love. So often such a difficult step to take to admit we need help from outside . Thank you for your honesty dear Tamera. xx

  10. You manage to be beautiful AND authentic. We don't get the impression you are a plastic perfection, but your beauty really is more than skin deep. I hope your therapist was able to help you sort through your feelings and thoughts. I always feel calmer and more in tune when I speak my mind to someone or write it out. I see things I never realised I was thinking. xo Jazzy Jack

  11. Thanks for sharing this Tamera. It took me a long time to realize the importance of self-care and that it was okay to set boundaries with people you cared about. I have a great therapist who also appreciates my personal style.

  12. Thanks for sharing this Tamera. It took me a long time to realize the importance of self-care and that it was okay to set boundaries with people you cared about. I have a great therapist who also appreciates my personal style.