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Saturday Quote

Something beautiful happens to 
people when their world has
fallen apart
a humility
a nobility
a higher intelligence emerges
at just the point
 our knees hit the floor.

~ Marianne Williamson


  1. I have certainly found this to be true during the course of my life. In my professional life I have been privileged to share the journey of many, many people when they are most distressed and noble is the absolute right word.

    Accidental Icon

  2. Oh yes. It's in our moments of "failure" that real growth occurs. That quote is new to me and so very resonant.

  3. Thanks Tamera. I actually printed this out and stuck it onto my inspiration board. I certainly hope this is true. I'm clinging to it.

  4. Beautiful and the saying! The edge is taken off our arrogance when we fall. We are open to new possibilities and ways of living. And we care more for others in need. xo Jazzy Jack

  5. I have read one of Marianne's books and heard her speak. She is truly inspirational. I always find at these times just one foot in front of the other helps.

  6. It is true. It has happened to me. Couple of years back. xx

  7. You have so deep thoughts Tamera. ...grateful that my knees didn't hit the floor too strong but I hope and wish when destiny bring me to that point that I will be strong enough and humility and nobility comes over me.

  8. Ah...spoken from true knowledge.