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A Day At the Beach

This Sunday found us down in beautiful
 San Diego once again
exploring new areas
with more picture perfect weather!

On our way to meet
Ellis and Elliot for lunch
we stumbled on 

Built in the 1930's
the hotel has been family owned since 1961
 offers the incredibly unique experience
of sleeping over the Pacific
in newly renovated
Cape Cod style cottages!

My outfit details - sweatshirt-J Crew, skirt H&M, hat-Frank Olive, necklace-Tamera Beardsley Signature Collection, straw tote-Forever 21

Each of these adorable cottages
at the Crystal Pier Hotel
comes with a fenced in balcony
which makes these
one of the very best ocean views 
in my book!

The real reason the four of us were together for lunch on Sunday
was to meet up with this gorgeous woman
 her family!

I am sure many of you can recognize
gorgeous Trina here with her  granddaughter Mollydoll
 from her blog

I have had the privilege of knowing Trina
for several years now
this was our second meet up!
We both got to have our daughters
 their men meet this time
as well as spending time with adorable Mollydoll!

I have to say
once again
that one of the greatest gifts 
of blogging
is the wonderful people
I have meet
now savor having in my life!

Writing the Blog
I Want to Read
has helped me find
 The Life I Want to Lead!

As always my friends

I wish you love and joy
as you style your life


  1. Such beautiful images, Tamera and you look amazing as always! I don't know of Trina's blog...I'm going to pop across now :)
    Have a lovely week xx

  2. Definitely the most rewarding part of blogging . . . the incredible friendships that come about. You are truly a treasure and one of the most beautiful woman, both inside and out as well. This was a highlight of our trip. Now we will look forward to our next meet up.
    I must add, to all your readers, the lovely Tamera is seriously the most stylish and put together woman you will ever meet and yet she is the most loving and genuine as well.

  3. You look like you own the beach!! Love the skirt and hat...and as always, your message!

  4. That hotel looks amazing. It must be so wonderful at night to hear the ocean right under you. It looks so beautiful there, I am aching for warm weather. Besides being an amazing way to express yourself blogging does present the wonderful experience of meeting so many other creative and inventive people. That skirt is amazing by the way.

    Accidental Icon

  5. Love your outfit, especially the hat and necklace Tamera. What a great hotel, right on the pier; it must be so restful being right on the sea. I always enjoy beach holidays with the sound of the sea at night. Meeting a fellow blogger is a perfect gift to self!

  6. If you are ever in Australia, please don't hesitate to pop into Canberra and we can meet :-D
    Love the colour of the ocean! And that hotel over the water is soooo perfect. Like being at sea without the seasickness!
    Your tasselled skirt is magical, along with your lovely hat. You do have super taste in hats!
    And how could you not love the little Mollydoll. Gorgeous name too.
    I have yet to meet up with any bloggers, but I'm sure it's amazing as well as surreal! :-) xo Jazzy Jack

  7. Ah HA! I thought that lovely lady and her little companion looked JUST like Trina and Molly! So nice to see you meeting again!

  8. Hello dear friend,
    we had still cold days here in southern Germany so we can´t really believe that there is so much sunshine and warmth in other places. I hope we will get this gorgeous weather here soon. I love the summer most!
    Your outfit is heavenly beatiful.. this skirt.. so nice and I just fell in love with your necklace :)

    have a good time
    I hope you can stop by and join in my new project
    Dana :)

  9. Loving and missing these fabulous ocean views! There are so many great spots along the shore, Tamera thank you for sharing your inspirations, they make my day!
    The Arts by Karena

  10. How nice to have spent a day at the beach and meeting the lovely Trina (I love her blog) It is like killing 2 birds with a stone. We live 2 blocks away from the beach here in Dubai and would sometimes cycle there and back. Soon it'd be too hot to do so, therefore we are making the most of this good season by being outdoor. Thanks for dropping by my small blog, really appreciate it :)

  11. Gorgeous skirt Tamera and I can see you had a beautiful and blessed day x

  12. That skirt, That hat, That necklace!!! Fabulous outfit. I'm so glad to hear that you are going to be offering crowns for all of us ladies. When will they be available? I started a new fashion link up, so come on over and link up. I would love to have you.