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Ponte Family Estates

My magical trip to Napa this year
had me recently missing visiting wineries
so we decided to drive east of our Orange County home
to Temecula.

A drive of just more than an hour
Jeff and I used to visit  the Temecula wineries often
before kids.
So it had been quite a while since we went out
 really explored the area.

And just like our kids have grown up
so too have the Temecula wine region  in the last two decades!

Changing from a few handfuls of mainly 
mom and pop wineries
into some top of the line destinations like
the Ponte Family Estate.

The Estate is  comprised of a beautiful hotel and restaurant
surrounded by 300 acres of working vineyards.
With it's  picturesque views and stunning property 
the Ponte Estate has become a highly  sought  after destination wedding venue as well.

The hotel architecture is inspired by the prevalent 
Spanish Missions that were built by Father Serra
 his men in the late 1700's up and down California.

The in is set up in a horseshoe shape with
an expansive open ended grassed courtyard.

Large canopied terraces line the buildings
all opening out to …

the views on the property that are truly magical!

Set a short walk away from the hotel
is the tasting room and restaurant.

The restaurant features alfresco dining
and a most delicious produce driven menu.

Everywhere on the patio has been beautifully styled
right down to even the bus stations!

The styling detail I was most taken with is 

the basket that appears from the seating hostess
to place your purse in while dining.

You can look across the patio and see a beautiful collection of baskets on the ground
all keeping the guest purses  clean!

I am always absolutely taken with such attention to detail!

The food  at the Ponte restaurant was fabulous as well!

My favorite salad this summer was made up of

 watermelon, heirloom tomatos, barrata chees, basil
with an herbed  balsamic dressing.

Summer perfection in my book!

Well that and maybe a little closing desert
with a most marvelous port wine!

Our alfresco lunch in Temecula
at the Ponte Family Estate

was definitely a summer weekend highlight!

As always my friends

I wish you love and joy
 as you style your life


  1. Lovely, Tamara, but what did you wear? Love the baskets for purses and have never seen that before. I'm equally impressed that your purse is not overflowing. :-)

  2. Fabulous looking place. I love the extra attention to detail too. How clever to supply a basket for each lady to keep her handbag clean! This looks like an amazing place to visit. I'll make and extra effort to visit next time I'm down south. Enjoy your weekend my friend! xo~Jennifer

  3. Beautiful! ! I haven't been tasting in Temecula in a long time but this looks very inviting!

  4. My brother-in-law and sister-in-law were married here in 2013. It's such a lovely place. :)