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My Weekend Wear

It happens to me every mid August
that missing my fall friends in my closet.
The yearning for Autumn's return
 bringing  out my old friends form the back of the closet.

So this weekend I brought out a couple of sweaters
whether I needed them or not
 they made my heart happy by reinvigorating my wardrobe!

I paired my Rachel Zoe cashmere sweater
with my Free People lace tunic slip
that I can pair with so many things
my capri pants from Anthropologie.

I  grabbed my parasol I found in Little Tokyo
basket from the
 headed off to her cooking class on Saturday!

As my friends know I have never been very interested in cooking
but Andrea is changing that!

She has such passion for not only cooking
but searching out the best of everything!

Whether it be fresh eggs form a family owned farm at the farmers market ...
the most beautiful in organic produce ...

or the best flour from Italy ...

salts from France
The French Basketeer knows where to get the very best of everything!

I am still mulling over the beauty 
in her French linens
stacked high at the ready for kitchen tidying.
I am rethinking my linens to be sure!

The simple beauty of the linens
highlights the beauty in everything they come in contact with!

Always providing such a perfect backdrop for everything.
It is this beauty 
in the cooking process
that has me intrigued.

As well as the results that are produced.

It is Andrea's passion for the beauty in the ingredients
that has me willing to venture into this new to me, arena.

Cooking has become more of a lifestyle
in which visiting farmers markets with beautiful baskets
to find gorgeous organic produce
to make into heathy meals
has me reexamining 
not only what I eat
but how I spend my time.

Realizing healthy food is a necessity
as is
 learning to slow down 
to enjoy the process
with friends and family
This whole process is becoming a new creative outlet for me.

Andrea brings artistry to her meals
 even more
a relaxed atmosphere 
in a much more European vein
where a meal can be slowed down
to be savored with family and friends.

Now back to my first love.

The Clothes.

With a change of shoes
I was already for date night!

My  outfit  this weekend was inspired by my new
crown/headband from H&M.
It's not often I find anything there
but when I do it's always so fun!

For dinner in the harbor
I added my big cowl sweater
with a comfortable wedge.

I kept the accessories simple with just 
a bold dash of 
Tamera Beardsley Design bracelets.

I was quite happy with this weekend wear choices.

Pulling out a couple of beloved sweaters
was just enough of a reminder
that soon the seasons will be changing.

I can have excitement for the new season to come
still be reminded to savor 
the season that is today!

As always my friends

I wish you love and joy
as you style your life


  1. cooking should always be a kind of lifestyle. great you enjoy it.

    1. Yes … I think you are quite right my dear! I am learning to enjoy it more!

  2. It is hard for me to decide whether I love your food or fashion pictures the most! But, I did enjoy the entire your pants the pattern on them. Lovely as always, Tamera!

    1. Thank you Pam! I am loving these pants once again … now that they fit ever so much better … since I have been concentrating on better nutritional choices and actives!

      Big kudos to you my dear with your most recent successes!

  3. That chicken looks scrumptious!

    I look at cooking as another way to be creative and enjoy your work with those you love. If you give it some time I think you'd be an amazing cook.

    Those shoes are killah!


  4. Beautiful setting, and food, and you! Love those patterned capri pants. Thanks for sharing with Visible Monday!

  5. Your photographs are so beautiful...

  6. really happy for you about the cooking. I love to cook and do a lot of entertaining and find it incredibly soothing. Enjoy!

  7. I love the tawny colors and beautiful neutral patterns on you! Love the chunky sweater along the water, and I did notice the soft cashmere when I gave you a hug; I had so much fun with the class yesterday, and yes, agree totally, food is just another form of love love the styling you did in these images! Well, just lots of love in this comment~ xxoo A

  8. I typed a long comment and my computer ate it up! Anyway, I'm with you on the new layerings when fall comes. Can't wait! Love your outfit with the chunky sweater.

  9. Tamera, you and your blog are filled with such beauty and inspiration. I marvel every time I step into your life here. This week I'm inspired by your gorgeous sweaters and (in last post I believe) the lovely presentation you and your daughter put together with the food. I've attempted to plan out healthier and prettier meals for me and hubby next week because of it. xo

  10. I am in love with that sweater! Those figs look yummy. We have a fig tree in our yard and I am only just discovering what I can do with them. I also love that you have a 'date night'...I'm curious about this-is this something you have been doing for a long time? Is it a standing commitment? I would love to hear more of your thoughts on it. It's a great idea.

  11. What a gorgeous post! So many beautiful and inspiring images. We are on the same page with being ready to wear our fall clothes! I so wish I had the time to cook and learn more advanced culinary skills.

  12. Enjoy your new found cooking skills, with the best produce you can never go wrong. Keep up the good work with your healthy changes,it certainly pays dividends. Enjoyed your early Autumn layering , I am thinking toward Spring.

  13. Loved the whole post Tamera! Your pictures are beautiful

  14. Lovely...........Lovely Post!Cannot wait to meet ANDREA and see her in ACTION!Cooking is fun if you have the time..........which is something we did not have with the kids around.I find now how much I enjoy thinking about what to prepare as shopping for it.Yesterday I made a PLUM CRUMBLE...........I enjoyed the whole process.Unfortunately, for me I couldn't eat it as I am Gluten Free but what gave me JOY is seeing everyone else gooble it up!Perhaps, we will see you change DATE NIGHT UP a bit come Fall/Winter with YOU cooking the meal and sharing your FAB photos of the food and TABLE!Just an idea...........Your going to need to ADD COOKING to YOUR side BAR!

  15. Wow! I am blown away by the beauty of your photographs. You are a true inspiration!

  16. The light is amazing. I love the look with the cowl necked jumper - such an interesting mix of textures - gorgeous!

  17. Tamera ~ do you realize how much you inspire? I believe your blog is my absolute favorite. I love your style, your writing and your true to yourself way of bringing it all together. I love your neutral outfits the elegant! . I like color also...but ALWAYS gravitate to the restful look of neutrals with different textures- you bring this together like no one else!! - Pam Atk

  18. Amazing,beautiful and very romantic look ! I like it :)

  19. love the pattern on the pants and bag!
    Marie @ In Our Happy Place

  20. How exciting to see you pursue a new area of artistry. Your food photos are lovely. And your fall layers inspiring. How beautiful you look in your new headband. Thank you for sharing with Hat Attack!