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Discovering LA's Art District

This weekend Jeff and I once again 
made our way to downtown LA
this time on another  buying trip for 
some needed jewelry supplies.

In an attempt to see new things
Jeff drove into the city a new way
that simple decision
led us to discover
LA's Art District!

I didn't even know there was one in LA!
We quickly finished our business
in the downtown jewelry market
drove right back to explore the Art District!

There is so much new building going on
in DTLA's Art District
including this mixed use  apartment complex with
a staggering 493 units
One Santa Fe
As well as a world class art galleries going in!
But it is the old train warehouses
that have this area
so infused with character. 

Much of the Art District is made up of 
redeveloped train warehouses
that used to be the LA work horses
during  an era when train transportation moved the city's goods.

This area was wine vines back in the 1890's
then citrus groves
that needed trains to take the crops across the United States.

The buildings in the background
show just how close the old epicenter of transport
is to LA's newest epicenter of commerce.

First on our exploration agenda …
Finding lunch
at the Americano.
Located in another 
redeveloped train warehouse  building
it was a pure lunching delight!

Speaking of delightful
we found the Pie Hole
which served so many versions
from savory to sweet
including their very own version of pop tarts!

I was ever so happy I brought my colorful pieces for 
my change from 
the basics I wear when sourcing supplies in downtown.

I simply change jacket and shoes from my base of white jeans
nautical stripes, Panama hat and walking flats
this time to my

red silk embroidered jacket from Chinatown 
my Kate Spade silk stripe shoes
paired perfectly with my 
fabulous basket from Madagascar
a most charming gift from
Andrea of 
The French Basketeer.
If you haven't found Andrea yet
go check out her blog
she is currently writing of her time in Beaune France!

My sun parasol
another gift from a dear friend
( Laurie I told you I would find the most perfect use for this beauty!)
fit in  this colorful area!

I have never seen as many permits for upcoming filming dates!
This site had three separate permits for the upcoming week
of national commercials being shot on this site alone!
This is one of the most filmed locations in the world
 and I can see why!
The whole neighborhood 
felt like a film lot
with artful back drops abounding
as well as chic and inventive shops!

We discovered the very chic Guerrilla Atelier
located in anther old warehouse space
with a sales staff with such fabulous personal style
they made my heart giddy!

As stylish as the area is
there are reminders everywhere
that this is still a very urban area
under redevelopment.

Wurstkuche another new concept
where they serve a bounty of hand crafted German sausages
and craft beers,
You wait in line to place your order
then have an opportunity 
to sit at large community tables
laden with mustard assortments,

We were invited into 
Lili Lakich's gallery and working studio
for one of the rare times she opens up for the public.
Lilli is a world renowned artist
whose specialty is working in neon.
Lilli is a forerunner in the neighborhood
she told us she has been in the building for over 30 years
 has seen the neighborhood evolve
over the years into what is becoming a world class destination for art
with the coming openings of even more galleries.

We found the Bourbon restaurant
where we had the utmost delight in meeting Kurt Ehrilch
who has actually been the chef for not just 
one president, but two.
He was a presidential chef for both
Nixon and Regan.

We had such an amazing day of new discoveries
all because
we were willing 
to take the road less traveled (for us)
meet the opportunity
with an open heart!

And we even got to bring home pie!

As always my friends

I wish you love and joy
as you style your life


  1. I noticed the BAG right away!Thats just like FRENCH BASKETEER's!Love it and that umbrella!Gorgeous I have to ask which way did you go?Harbor FWY?What fun finding a new route and a new spot to eat and look about!Date night is turning into DATE weekend!!

    1. La Contessa I believe we took the 5, to the 101, and got off at 4th Street. Yes, it has been so fun to explore such a dynamic city, in our own backyard. So many places in LA have had a resurgence since the horrible LA riots … that had many people afraid of the destination for many years.

      Wishing you a happiest of birthdays today my dear!


  2. Tamera you are indeed a quick change artist! How gorgeous, and your French Basketeer tote is the perfect accessory!!
    This is just the kind of Art District I would love to explore!

    The Arts by Karena
    Europe: Simply Irresistible!

    1. Thank you Karena! Yes, Andrea's French Basketeer's totes are a perfect accessory!

      I think you really enjoy LA's Art District! I can't wait to read your Europe Simply Irresistible!


  3. Tamera, this is fascinating and a treat for the eyes! It must have been a thrilling day.

    1. Thanks Joni … it really was thrilling and I can't wait to go back!

      Your bracelet is on it's way to Seattle!


  4. Tamera, I wrote you a long comment this morning but it never showed up. Boo!
    The gist of what I said is this:
    You look gorgeous as always.
    I love the parasol and the bag.
    I can't wait to see you in 72 hours
    and I think it's so great that you and Jeff get out and explore in your own backyard.
    See your beautiful face soon!
    xoxo, A

    1. Boo is right … for your comment not showing up! I always so enjoy your comments my dear friend!! Thanks so for taking the time to try again!

      I so enjoyed your latest video … and the tips on covering dark circles … I will be implementing them to be sure!

      Can't wait to see you Thursday!!


  5. You found the perfect wall for your photo shoot, Tamera...looks so cool and I love the red top. This is a district I would love to see if I visited LA. Look like so much fun. You look fabulous as always!

    1. thanks Pam … The Art District has So many great murals … such a fabulous location for photo shoots! If you make it to LA … I think you would enjoy this dynamic area! Looking forward to seeing you in February … it will be here before we know it!


  6. What a blast! And you looked fabulous during all of it. Thanks for sharing.

    1. Thank you so much dear Miss Dishywoo! i always enjoy your visits my dear!

  7. What an serendipitous experience!

    The art district looks like it lives up to its name.
    And the Pie Hole...great name.

    1. The LA Arts DIstrict makes for such a vibrant visit!Now, after learning even more about it … I can't wait to return for more exploration!

  8. Thank you for some more tips for my husband and I to explore!

    We have taken a walking tour of the old theaters that abound downtown Los Angeles (gorgeous...many are now second-hand would never know they once housed a gorgeous theater!)..... and a walking mural tour.

    I am pleased that Los Angeles is "coming back" We even strolled one evening from Perch Restaurant (you'd love it Tamara) to the Staple Center for a Lakers game....we felt safe and the city was vibrant. look fabulous with your new Panama hat from Napa. I want one.

    1. I have wanted to tour LA's old theaters! I have been inside a couple … and they are staggeringly stunning! You are so right … that the exterior gives no hint of the grandeur inside! Thank you Catherine for reminding me to seek out these thrilling destinations!

      The Perch is actually one of my favorite LA places for sunset cocktails! That is an impressive stroll to the Staples Center!

      It is a beautiful thing to see LA 'come back'! Back in the early 90's, when I was doing business in LA … we viewed it as a quick in and out … for safeties sake. Now we return each time … to see what treasures there are to be found!

      Catherine … am I right in remembering that you live in Santa Barbara? I would love your top tips on your city!

      Thank you my dear, for your lovely visit!


  9. Words fail me! Your destination posts are so very refreshing! It's so encouraging to read that Los Angeles is so much more than Rodeo Drive, Sunset Blvd., and Disneyland! I know, Disneyland isn't technically in LA, but you understand from whence I speak.

    So? A big pie in that box, yes? Oh Yumness! And an amber beer sidled up to a pinot gris could very easily be the mister and me!

    1. Sue, I couldn't be more excited, myself, to realize recently, the bounty of culture LA has to offer! Having lived in Southern California, nearly my whole life … it is ever so exciting to discover a city so diverse and historic … literally right in our own back yard!

      Thank you my dear for your lovely visit!


  10. Hi Tamera!
    The post about our daytime date inspired by you is on my style blog.
    (I thought you may not know about my new blog since you've been visiting my art blog)

    1. Thank you my dear … I will head right over!


  11. Thank you Dawn Lucy!! I appreciate your visit and your kind words!

  12. Tamera we need you to join the family of Share-in-Style please, please!!! will you?

  13. Tamera, I got the lovely Sea Bliss bracelets today! Thank you so much for the extra gift. They went perfect with what I was wearing today too and they came so quickly!! I'll be including them in a post to thank you publicly soon. You are so very inspiring! It's raining in Seattle today but the bracelets make me feel blissful!