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Melvyn's Restaurant … A True Palm Springs Legend

For dinner Saturday night
there was only one place I wanted to go
at the
 legendary Ingleside Inn.
Melvyn's is like stepping back in time 
to the days of
the Rat Pack and Blue Eyes Sinatra.

We chose to sit at the bar 
always our favorite place
to get an interactive feel for a place.
I noticed an impeccably dressed older gentleman at the bar
to my left.
At first glance all I saw was his
cuff and jacket sleeve
 to me it instantly embodied
the old Hollywood glamour
of days gone by.
I was soon to find out
it was Melvyn himself.
Meeting Melvyn
it is easy to see why even after 35 years
the restaurant  is a fabulous as ever
if not even more so!

To see and here more from 
a true Palm Springs legend 
go Here
at the bottom
is a video with Melvyn's Moments.
Oh the stories he has to tell!

I was ever so happy with what I chose to wear!

Every since our 
Palms Springs
 trip was planned
I have been on the hunt for the
perfect caftan.

I finally found this crocheted beauty
in the most unexpected to me 
I found it online
after the ever glamorous
asked me if I had seen the caftans in the 
Soft Surroundings catalogue.
I would have never even looked there
without her recommendation.
 I haven't been overly impressed with their offerings …
that is until now!
( I had even been invited to do a post for them in exchange 
for clothing … which as I usually always do
I turned it down).
So this is not an exchange post.
This is just me sharing a find I am so excited about!

Soft Surroundings caftan choices
had me even struggling to make a decision 
between their offerings!

I picked this one
I am over the moon with it!

I see wearing it for 
sunset beach cocktails
entertaining in the backyard
even lounging at home.

That is a lot of mileage for one piece!
My favorite kind of purchase!

I paired the caftan with my
floral crown
(I have a DIY for it Here).
This headband version of a crown
is absolutely perfect for hot weather
as it has my hair up and off my face
with everything in place all night!

My new sunglasses
are a happy new find form
Free People.

I carried my vintage crystal bag
to give a perfect finish to 
my ode  to 
Palm Springs 
authentic Hollywood glamour!

So if you find yourself in 
Palm Springs
I highly recommend 

where you can get 
hollywood history, 
romantic ambiance
the most 
delicious food
all the while
you feel like you are visiting
an era from long ago.

As always my friends

I wish you love and joy
as you style your life

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  1. Wow, Tamera you look utterly stunning, I wish I had your confidence.

  2. Fabulous! I've never looked twice at Soft Surroundings. I'm so impressed! It sounds like you and your sweetheart are having a glorious time. So fun to follow along! xoxo

    1. I was so surprised to find the caftan there … I was also amazed with their quick and profession delivery!

  3. First your lipstick is SENSATIONAL.........I have been featuring a light brown too recently from Bobbi Brown I think!
    Second,your eyewear is too die for!I adore tortoise!
    Third,the CAFTAN suits you perfectly!I am certain the eyes in the room were turning to take you all in!How utterly Fabulous you are having a grand time and to be sitting next to the MAN himself!
    Palm Springs will miss the GRAND DAME MADAME BEARDSLEY when she departs that is for certain!!!!

  4. My dearest Contessa … thank You ever so much for the inspiration! xoxo

  5. I am amazed at your skin, it is flawless and luminous. Beautiful pics.

    1. Thank you Judy … but I also think a great deal of the effect is lighting :))

  6. You look sensational, love everything about your outfit!!! Love how much effort you put into looking and feeling good x

    1. Thank you so much my dear FF. It certainly does take effort for both :))

  7. I think Melvyn's would be an ideal place for me to visit one day too! Sounds fabulous

    1. India I think you would truly relish and appreciate the experience!

  8. Hi Tamera..I love your blog and LOVE your lipstick in this post...can you share what it is please. I am trying to find a great "nude" neutral lipstick for the summer.

    1. I used a Mac lip liner in spice, A Bare Mineral Lipstick - Be Free, and finished it with a Bare Mineral Moxie lipless - dreamer.

  9. Gorgeous opening photo, Tamera. Exquisite. Kudos to you and your photographer!
    I'm so happy you are enjoying travel, as it's an amazing experience to venture forth and broaden oneself through expanding one's scope.
    Travel is easier for some than others, and venturing forth is always an act of bravery.
    Thank you for sharing your adventure!

    1. I was thinking of you when … Jeff and I stumbled onto finding the Polo fields … which were of course closed. Made me want to come back and watch!

  10. Breathtaking! What an incredible caftan, it is the perfect added piece for your summer wardrobe. And those sunnies are amazing, are they a new edition also? I must add, the neutral lip color looks wonderful on you. Tori has started wearing this color as well. I'm added Melvin's to my must go to list. Thanks for the recommendation, so glad you had a wonderful trip.
    By the way, I mentioned you in my last post because your bracelet was just so perfect.

  11. Tamara you look like a dream! Your caftan is the perfect choice for an evening at Melvyn's!

    The Arts by Karena

  12. Love those glasses! Your blog is just as beautiful as ever too. Thanks for stopping by my new blog Tamera.