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Hello Gratitude … Hello To The Power In Self Acceptance.

Hello gratitude this week 
for time spent in nature.

Time to cleanse my soul.

Time to reset my sights
 remember gratitude.

I realize for me to 
see and experience the good in life
I must make it a daily conscious practice.

I have to over ride my 
fear collecting
when my mind
passes over so many situations
pulling in so much worry and anxiety
like a magnet pulling iron filament.

Hiking in nature
soothes my soul
connects me to a higher power
 calms my sprit.

I am realizing in life
there will probably always be 
situations I can't control
situations that break my heart
 fill me with fear …

But I am now realizing more and more
that slipping down a rabbit hole serves no one.

Instead I must grow more courage

Do good where I can.

In this post
I wrote about the importance
the power of self acceptance.

It has occurred to me recently
even self acceptance is an on going daily process
rather than just an epiphany moment.

It is so easy to slip back into
critical self talk.
Since I am not at the point that 
I can say the critical voices have left me altogether …

but ...
I can reach back into self acceptance
when I  picture my six year old self.
I can connect with that image
in a protective and nurturing manner
ask my adult self if that is a 
proper self conversation for her.
Would I be OK
with anyone else treating
her that way?

I have found not only
 practicing gratitude 
life changing
self acceptance as well.

As I consciously practice
self acceptance

~ in offering my self grace.

~ Reminding myself 
perfection in self or life
is a myth

~ Respecting the idea I am only human
have always done the best
with what I knew when.

When I began to change my internal voice
to a calmer
more positive and self nurturing voice

something else in my life
began to change dramatically.

The kinder and more accepting 
I became of myself

the kinder and  more accepting I became of others.

The more loving and understanding eyes
I had for myself

without even trying
I automatically began to see everybody else 
with more love and understanding.

I began to see
how ultimately connected we all are.

The more I can realize we are all connected

the more
 jealousy, competitiveness 
can drop away

to be replaced with a spirit of support
gratitude for the journey.

I truly had no idea
when I opened my mind 
to the idea of 
self acceptance
after almost a lifetime of self loathing
that the ramifications
for my feeling towards others
would be so dramatic.

If learn not to judge myself so harshly
instead offer myself grace
acknowledge my own humanity

there is actually
a most beautiful gift in the shift

Learning to see
 everything else differently.

For this shift in life perspective
my heart is 
over flowing with 
gratitude this week.

As always my friends

I wish you love and joy
as you style your life


  1. I have a tiny little quote in my files that used to be on the side of my blog that says 'be kind to thy own self". What this meant to me when I found it years ago was not to lose myself in the midst of all my giving and serving others. When I am kind to my own self, I am kind to others and visa versa. Beautifully spoken post and photos to go with it. Have a wonderful weekend. xxo

  2. It's so true, that we are often harsher critics of ourselves than anyone else. And a good rule of thumb about that negative, critical thinking about oneself is to ask, would I say this to a friend? To my child? To anyone I really cared about? And if the answer is no, then it's probably a good idea to find something kinder and more helpful to say to ourselves! It's the same principle as your vision of little six year old Tamera and wanting to be nurturing and positive with her.
    Beautiful images and thoughtful words. xxxx

  3. Hi Tamera! Beautiful thoughts and beautiful images…I posted my Sisters in Style segment featuring you today! Thanks for the inspiration!

  4. Lovely pictures that resonate with the message. So true. I find I'm getting a bit better at catching those little voices in my head, too. Love you!

  5. Your thoughts and images are a welcome tonic to a week fraught with negative events. I loved that image of those yellow flowers against the blue sky. Tamera you write a lot about how I feel and deal with life....many thanks.

  6. Beautifully put and very inspiring. Yes, forgiveness in all forms (including self-forgiveness) leads to happiness.

  7. " the more jealousy, competitiveness and comparison can drop away to be replaced with a spirit of support and gratitude for the journey"

    Yes, friend, how we all need that from one another! How we need the support and encouragement from one another... building one another up in love.

  8. bit sad and really needed to read this x

  9. So glad I found your blog. I am facing an empty nest in a few years, and have been feeling very negative about my future - my identity is so tied up in being "mom", which has been my favorite job! Looking forward to reading more of your inspiring words. By the way, you look gorgeous in your date night outfit!