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Wednesdays In The Garden

I like to schedule Wednesday mornings to be in the garden.
Having a weekly schedule for 
for trimming and fluffing
helps me keep my garden happy.

Today I worked my little front courtyard.

First thing on my list was 
to move the baby tears 
I used for an Easter centerpiece in the living room
to the outside.
They were starting to wane indoors
after a week without proper light.
Just not enough sun for them.

So I simply
tore the baby tears  into pieces
 planted them amongst the rocks in 
one of my big planters.
They ended up to be the 
perfect finishing touch
I was hoping for.

The baby tears centerpiece
in the courtyard
 is thriving beautifully.

I am very happy with
not only it's growth
but the clean crisp lines of the arrangement.

This season
I am trying to streamline my decor
for a feeling of
calm luxury.

My wall of pots is also thriving.
This wall is an important one
as not only does it look beautiful
but it also helps create
a private courtyard  space
in what is actually part of our small suburban front yard.

The succulents are growing so well
I have begun
to cut stems of
 replant them elsewhere.

A few weeks ago
I began
transplanting succulents inside
to fill up the  urns
behind my couch.

This season
I am doing primarily all succulents inside.
I like the clean lines
hopefully they will last 
the entire summer season.

Last year I began to  tuck
strawberry plants in my  outside containers
to see if I could get some edibles 
out of my 'pretty' pots.

They have done wonderfully
not only adding some lovely color
in my primarily all green and white plantings
but nothing beats
homegrown strawberries fresh from the garden!

Once I get a garden
fluffed, trimmed, planted and fed
it just takes
the daily watering 
from a chore
to a daily joy!

The front yard and courtyard 
are all up to speed.

Inside just needs
a couple additions

but the back …
needs some serious TLC
to bring it back to 
the luxurious
entertaining area
that I always love it to be
come summer.

As always my friends

I wish you love and joy
as you style your life


  1. Tamera, such a lovely spot. I can totally picture reading in that patio area. I have been really drawn to succulents this year although I've not planted any just yet. I like the idea of bringing them into a personal space...along with the strawberries! Thanks for much for the glimpse into your living space.

  2. Your earlier posts on succulents inspired me to buy some to add to my planters. I am really pleased with the results. Any idea how they would do in an air conditioned environment? I love being outdoors, but before long it will be too hot to enjoy it again.

    1. Oh I'm so happy you are trying succulents! This will be my first summer having succulents inside … but I have every expectation that they will do well! I have quite a few going inside already … and they are really taking off … even the ones I transplanted form outside!

      As always my dear … thank you for your visit!

  3. Wow! your images are fabulous. And your succulents look so lush and gorgeous.
    Such a wonderful place to retreat too.
    Have a lovely end of week and weekend T xx

    1. Thank you Vannessa! The courtyard is a beautiful retreat … especially in the mornings this week … we are having an early heat wave here in SoCal … with temps in the mid 90's!

      Thank you for your visit all the way from London my dear!

  4. Your gardens looks so green and lush. We have such a dry climate up north with very very hot summers so by July everything surrounding us looks dead! We have been planting lots of trees to create a shady canopy which is helping keep the plants green.

    I LOVE your white birks!!! I live in birkenstocks and I saw the white and have wanted them but thought I would get them dirty in no time. I bought the tobacco leather Arizonas for this spring/summer. Now I want white too. xxo Kerrie

    1. This is my first time ever with Birks … but I love them not only for their comfort in the garden and at the beach … but I am so happy that even with abuse, (I just hose them off after working in the garden), they still are in excellent shape!

      Always so happy for your visit my dear!

  5. I forgot to say YOUR GARDEN is a beautiful retreat of calm and life. It is beautiful!

  6. Beautiful!!! You are inspiring to give succulents a second look ... they look so elegant. Happy week ..hugs, Celia M. (HHL)

    1. Celia, you should give them a try … even just a single 4 inch pot can add such life to a spot … and they need just a little weekly drink!

  7. What a beautiful retreat for peace and inspiration! Your hard work has paid is lovely!

  8. Such an interesting garden filled with so many textures and color. I needed some inspiration for gardening this year, thanks!

  9. Love those succulents and they look so happy under your expert care...
    your toes are so clean and pretty after a day in the garden and I wonder how you manage to stay so neat and tidy.
    I am a mess when I garden...any tips on keeping clean?

    1. I too, end up quite dirty on heartier gardening days … but keeping the hose within arms reach always makes for a quick spray off! I even appreciate getting really dirty … makes me feel like I really got in there and gave it my all!

  10. I seriously want to run right over with my books and lunch in hand and spend a relaxing afternoon in that Heavenly Garden. It is beautiful and so pleasing to the eye. I've only had succulents inside due to our crazy weather but they thrive indoors and like you said, they bring instant beauty to a space.
    And, yes, do tell your secrets to looking so clean and pretty while gardening. I'll send you my gardening photo's only if you promise not to share them.

    1. I don't really stay very clean … I just did a quick spray off before the photo :))

  11. So very serene...would love to settle down there with a cup of tea and a good book.

    1. Thank you my dear … it really is a little oasis on our suburban street!

  12. Your courtyard is so pretty. It looks like a wonderful place to sit with a cup of tea or glass of wine. Sadly, I have a fairly black thumb, but I keep trying. Enjoy this warm spell. xoxo

  13. Tamera, your courtyard is so inviting. You inspired me so much with this post. I have added a bunch of pretty succulents to my home inside and taking your idea to tuck little ones in pots too. I'd be out there all the time if I had a courtyard like this! xo

  14. Hello gorgeous Tamera, this post has inspired me in many ways. I needed it because my back yard definitely needs some sprucing up. Love the calm and serene feel of your outdoor dwelling space. xoxox