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Hello Gratitude

 Hello Monday
Hello Gratitude
 Hello gratitude for being invited to
a most lovely birthday party 
for Miss Hannah
who is my daughters best friend.
I was so excited and tickled to see Hannah and her husbands
absolutely delightful apartment
filled with creative vignettes and eye candy everywhere!
Our gorgeous Miss Hannah has her own 
style blog - RunawayStyle here.

 Hello gratitude for magnificent  SoCal December weather!

I am so grateful for early morning walks with friends!

Hello gratitude for instagram
I am so enjoying this social media
I love building my holiday gallery
connecting with people all over the world.

 On of my favorite visual artists is 
her gallery is always such a beautiful escape!
So I was quite excited and honored to have one of my photos
used in one of her stunning collages!
(Mine is the lemons)
Thank you Merilyn!

 I am very grateful
for such a creative week.
as a creative
you can really feel when ideas and concepts 
are really pulling together.
This was definitely
one of those weeks
 I am so very grateful!

I love when I can feel my 'real life'
creative life 
meld into one

This was a week when 
I was truly  making my life my art
one day at a time.

 My yards are all dressed for the holidays
as I guess they should be by now...
I was shocked to realize today

Christmas is in one week!
Hello Monday and Hello gratitude
to a meaningful 
holiday season.

I will be trying to slow down
and to put intention into
savoring and enjoying this season.

Tuesday update

After writing this gratitude post
which was truth
but I guess only a slice of the truth
I got in an uncommonly irritable mood
 I really didn't know why.

One of those moods where it is best to
send myself to my room and retire early.
During the night
I woke up from a nightmare
or at least trying so hard to scream
because I didn't really have a voice

But as I awoke
the voice trailing behind
made clear
'let the pain out"
and i got it...

You see
I am still trying to rectify the pain
that I wrote about here
 still be positive
 focus on gratitude
not give into the anger that is building in my heart
to practice forgiveness as a way 
to protect my own heart 
and not let anger
poison my families
holiday season.

I am also tiered of hurting over the situation
 thought if I just didn't think about it
I could diminish it's importance.

But for me
it doesn't work
 I realize
there must be a synthesizing of emotions
a realization
it is with a hurting heart
that the greatest of beauty 
can still find it's way in.

Hurt and joy
can and
sometimes must
in the same moments.

As always dear friends

I wish you love and joy
as you style your life


  1. Oh yes, yes my darling friend!! You are dressed and ready for the season (as is your gorgeous home). Savor and enjoy every moment. You are a visual and soulful inspiration. Can hardly wait to celebrate the season on New Years Eve love!
    xx, Heather

  2. Tamera your holiday decor is so inspirational! I do miss living in San Diego this time of year; however I am now close to family again which is so important!

    The Arts by Karena

  3. Just learned about the situation with your son, oh how difficult especially to feel a loss like this during the holiday season. I was involved with a group of women dream journaling for ten years. Your dream is just expressing your natural feelings about what is happening. You feel like a strong person to me and looking a calming things is smart. I hope he changes his mind soon.

    blue hue wonderland