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Christmas Decor

My Christmas decorating is in place!
It has been a busy week here
with trips to storage

editing boxes

 tweaking details

layering everything in
I am now finished!

Our house is quite small
So I make sure all of the rooms 
flow together
in concept and in color.

For the dining area
I pulled out my
 vintage Mexican serape
I love not only the color
but the texture as well.

For the centerpiece
I began with my trusty
vintage bottle crate
once again
mixing  some

miniature lemon cyprus trees
cups of cranberries
vintage silver candle holders.

I am loving the mixture of
textures and colors
with a  fresh use of  natural elements.

On the dining room wall
I created a 
mixed media
 Christmas art instalation
using vintage and antique pieces 
I have collected over the years.

I added
 fresh carnations 
to the
 petite hanging chandelier
as well as fresh greens
to finish off  the composition.

My tree
 always takes two full days 
to install.

Every year I say I'm just going to do 
simple lights
then after a couple of days ...
maybe I'll just put on my garland

some large ornaments

one of my ornament collections.

This year I used all of our Radko collection
as well as working in some of my childhood
vintage dolls.

Since I went that far
I just had to finish the tree off
berry and glitter garnishes.

So as happens every year
It took two days to finish

as happens
every year

I absolutely
Love the tree!

To finish the living room
 I pulled out all of my felt pillows
 a wool runner.

I made a big tray of
candles and cranberries.

My huge chalk board got a fresh coat of paint
and I hung my 
wooden antique Santa on top.

Now the carols are playing
I'm getting ready to make a fire in the fire place
I'm settling into
a weekend of 
Holiday Cheer!

As always mu friends

I wish you love and joy
as you style your life
 celebrate your seasons

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  1. Takes my breath away. The tree, oh the tree! No decor here this year as we will be traveling. I am going to live vicariously through you. You home looks so warm and inviting, layered and elegant. Refined in a perfect vintage, fresh vibe. It looks like a Tamera Beardsly creation. Merry Christmas, sweetie, Merry Christmas!

  2. Wow. Always a joy to see all the love and effort you put into decorating your house. I haven't done a snip of decorating for the holidays and this is really making me feel like I need to make some kind of effort.


    1. Eclectic and delightful! Love the use of the vintage serape. I do the same for my tree - I think I will go simple and before I know it every ornament I own ends up on it. Still trying to get done - maybe this weekend?

  3. Beautiful, Tamera! So warm and inviting! I love the use of the artichokes...I think you just gave me an idea...we have a very similar design aesthetic.....have a wonderful Saturday!

  4. Always such great style, Tamera, your decorating skills are extraordinary. xxx

  5. Always so gorgeously original and colorful Tamera; stunning!

  6. Tamera dear-from the joy of being in your lovely home to celebrate fall-to seeing the holiday transformation is just breathtaking. You have such a gift and a talent. I'm loving every well thought out detail. Your layers of beauty...adding just the right touch for the festivities. Enjoy every moment lovely friend........xx, Heather

  7. I'm so sad! I didn't want this post to end... I wanted more photos Tamera. :)
    Seriously, I absolutely love your artistic style. It's simply a joy to scroll through the photos and see your eclectic mix of textures, colors and unique objects. And that dining room wall! Amazing.