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.... hello Monday .... hello Gratitude ....

Hello Monday.... hello gratitude...
and hello to writing this weekly post... which always lifts my mood.
It's ironic really how these posts came to be...
and how powerful they have been for me.

I have realized...
the more gratitude I have...
the better my life has become...
on so many levels.

Focusing on gratitude as least for a few hours each week...
has become a way for me to retrain my brain...
to focus on the good that is my life...
instead of being so often caught up in the minutia of everyday frustrations.

As the last leg of summer presents itself...
I am forced by this post...
to reflect on the good that is my life.

Taking the time to refocus on this good...
has been this summer's best accomplishments.

I have tried to slow down...
and be grateful for the beauty that is in my life...
Focusing on the good   I have in my life...
 means less time for spirals down the rabbit holes of anxiety and depression.

But I can see...
Just like regular physical workouts...
this will need to be a regular practice...
not a  summer box that I checked off and move on from.

I must make gratitude...
a daily practice in my life..
every season.

I am ever so grateful again this week...
not only again for great health care...
but the gorgeous aesthetics where ours takes place...
and the healing comfort it brings.

We got the results of Hunter's MRI this week...
and it was the best we could have hoped for.
Only his kneecap was torn away with the waves impact...
which means no surgery and only 6 weeks of physical  therapy.

 Hello Monday...
and hello to gratitude to having time in the garden...
and seeing through the effects of the summer season.

Hello to being  grateful for having gotten pieces in my Primitives Collection
 listed in my shop.
Having my daughter Ellis's  help has made all the difference.

Hello gratitude for dinners out with my husband during the week...
and sunset strolls around our neighborhood lake...
When our kids were growing up...
we were bound by their schedules...
even in the summers.
As bitter sweet as their growing up and on has been...
a silver lining of this time in our life...
has been some spectacular summer sunset strolls.

To everything there is a season.

Hello to  my favorite time of the week...
Friday's at the beach for sunset cocktails...

and the time to savor the beauty 
that is summer from the Rooftop in Laguna Beach.

as always my friends

I wish you love and joy
as you style a life full of gratitude.


  1. Drooling over that huge turquoise necklace. Oh my gosh! Gorgeous things in your shop right now.

    Gratitude is like a muscle that we must continue to exercise. That's why I always try to do a post about the positive things in my week every Friday. Even when negative things are happening in my life, it focuses my attention on the good instead.

    Lovely, lovely post, my friend. Have a wonderful start to your week.
    xo, Adrienne

  2. Adrienne... I love that... "gratitude is like a muscle we must continue to exercise"... beautifully put.

    I always enjoy your positive Friday posts... Thinking back, my Monday gratitude posts... came from a melding of your Friday posts and Lisa Leonard's hello Monday inspiration.

    Wishing you a very positive week my friend!


  3. I love these posts too Tamera. I started a gratitude journal about 5 years ago and (trying hard to avoid clich├ęs), it has really been a game changer for me. I write in it every night just before going to bed. Whenever I don't do it I always feel "out of sorts".
    That lake by your house is gorgeous. What a lovely place to live.
    Absolutely LOVE your turquoise pieces; off to have another look now.
    Thank you as always for your lovely comments over at mine xx

    1. Vannessa five years of gratitude is quite an accomplishment. I am sure that has truly been a game changer in your life. I love the idea of journaling the good at the end of the day... I must give that a try also. Lately when I am having a hard time getting to sleep... I have run through what I am grateful for during the day, in my head...and have found myself drifting off to sleep without the panic and worry that usually prevent pleasant slumber.

      Thank you so much for sharing such an inspiring idea!


  4. As always, Tamera, beautiful images and thoughtful words. Evaluating the positive things in life is obviously a helpful mental strategy, it balances out the not-so-positive stuff. So yes, keep practising, everything gets better and easier the more we do it! Having a balance, an honest and realistic assessment of where I am in life works for me.
    Your jewellery looks stunning, btw. Really lovely. xxxx

    1. Thank you for your kind words dear Curtise. Don't worry my dear... I too have an honest and realistic assessment, of all that goes on in my life. I am admittedly very obsessive in my thoughts... so there comes in the learning of new skills... and remembering to put focus on the good.

      Loved your holiday post...I can never get enough of England!

  5. Tamera, I always enjoy your Monday posts so much. The images are so lovely and they always remind me to start off my week with gratitude.

    1. Thank you my dear, that is the best of compliments!

      So enjoyed your heeled, puffy sneaker post... and all of the comments it inspired! Kudos!

  6. Quite happy to hear Hunter's prognosis. As summer wanes, he'll have time yet to recover prior to maneuvering crutches within the courtyards and steps of his High School campus.

    The Primitives Collection presents nicely.

    Well done, Tamera!


    1. Thank you so much Denise! Hunter was already navigating his campus, sans crutches today, while picking up his books for the new semester!

      I am grateful for your kind comment on my Primitives Collection!

      I thanked Sienna for cluing me in about the Campbell shoe line. I was in my closet today, and realized my favorite new pair of shoes purchased from Anthropologie was none other than Campbell. Sienna, at 16, is already fashion savvy, just like her stylish Momma!

  7. Dear Tamara, thank you for the gratitude reminders; soon it will be somethings that peacefully wakes my day!. It makes me feel whole again and that I am in God's sight always!
    Your images are also so restful...and yes I am off to look at your ETSY shop!

    Art by Karena

    1. Karen, just know your soulful comments... make my day...and go straight to my heart.


  8. Your new collection is amazing!

    1. Thank you Jana! I love the clean simplicity... and perfection of #146.

  9. Beautiful photos, so glad your son is doing well.

    1. Thank you Marla! We are all relieved about Hunter.

      I have been enjoying your videos and the practical tips you share!