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.... hello Monday .... hello Gratitude ....

Hello Monday... Hello Gratitude...
I have come to truly look forward to these Monday posts.

Waking up Monday with a long list of to do's...
it is so easy for me to lose sight of all of the good in my life...
 start to worry more about what needs to be done...

Jean, in her post on Dross into Gold today...
so poignantly reminded me for the need to make room for more joy.
My Monday posts have become a weekly scrap book for me...
Putting my own focus on all that there is to be grateful for and remembering life's joy.

This week I am most grateful that our trip to the emergency room 
for Hunter's knee...
(he had a bad encounter with a big wave while at Salt Creek Beach)
was met with such a knowledgeable and kind staff...

I am so very grateful we have good insurance and access to Hoag Hospital, in Newport Beach...
it has a brand new emergency room...
with the healing powers that beauty and aesthetics can add.
Good insurance for our family...
something I have just taken for granted...
was definitely on the top of my list this week...
as  we have just gotten the referral for Hunter's MRI for tomorrow.

Hello Monday...
and hello to being grateful for what have become
our weekly Monday family dinners...that include not only our children...
but their respective boyfriend and girlfriends as well.
My heart is always grateful for  family time spent over a good meal.

I am also grateful that Jeff and Ellis enjoy cooking.
Ellis made these summertime delights 
that I was so excited to see first at Five Vines, in San Juan Capistrano.

Color me so excited to receive this fabulous and unique  brooch
from the lovely and beautiful
Thank you my dear... you know me well :)

I was completely tickled giddy waking up to this on instagram!
I love Trina Turk's Southern California design style and aesthetics...

She is a Palm Spring legend who now has an international following...
and you should she what she did this year for Barbie!
Being followed by Trina Turk... be still my heart!!!

Hello Monday...
hello excited about this weeks giveaway...
all the info on it is here.

Hello excited to be featured this week in
How I Wear MY... you can find it here!

Looking forward this week...

I am so very grateful, excited and relieved to be working this week 
with my very talented daughter!
She finally has a break in her busy schedule... and I have the opportunity to work with her.
Working on the blog and shop with Ellis is not only enjoyable...
but such a be finally have some technical expertise available!
Things that throw me for the proverbial loop...
Ellis handles with a calm and knowledgable stride.

Hello Monday...
Hello Gratitude.
Just writing this post...
and focusing on the good...
has me so much more prepared and excited for  this new week.

as always my dear friends

I wish you love and joy
as you style your life 
with gratitude


  1. Glad to hear your kiddo is ok and that brooch is amazing!

  2. Gorgeous images and love your piece that you made (the link wasn't working though -I so wanted to know more :-(
    Have a lovely week Tamera x

    1. Thank you Vanessa! Special thanks for letting me know about the link... it's all good now :).

  3. The photos, as always beautiful, and your look, too. I love the print skirt and jacket combination with orange, how beautiful! And all those flowers!

  4. Dear Tamara,
    Your posts Have already helped me to overcome so much.
    Thank you from the bottom of my heart and soul!
    2013 Designer Series

    1. Ahhh... Karen... your comment touches my soul and truly makes my day.... heartfelt thanks to you my dear.


  5. You really do live life with STYLE. Hope the boy heals quickly. Kids usually do!

    1. Thank You Connie! Still waiting for you to be settled in... so we can meet up my dear!

  6. So many lovely things! I especially love the fab-U-lous brooch!

  7. Your images are always fabulous Tamera butI love this post because it shares your home life so lovingly with us and gives an insight into the concerns and delights of motherhood. The opening photo is a stunner, as is the final tranquil shot and everything in-between - the stuff that dreams are made of!

    1. Thank you so much Rosemary for such loving words! I so enjoyed your fettling post...and I hope you got photos of your bonfire! Always so enjoy the glimpses into your English life!

  8. Beautiful pictures. We also had a trip to the emergency room this summer with our 17 yr old son and it was very scary. He had a serious reaction to a medication that was prescribed for him. I also am thankful for our insurance, and wish everyone in this country had the same level of care.

    1. Marla that must have been a very frightening trip for all of you! So nice to know, you too have a 17 year old! I too, wish everyone had access to good medical care... i never realize it's importance... until I am in the thick of it.

      I am enjoying your beauty tip videos! So generous of you to share your personal tips!!

  9. Lovely as always. Gratitude never goes out of style! Making my list and counting my blessings. Have a wonderful week. Fast healing for your son!

    1. Thank you Barb! We go for his MRI today.. anxiously awaiting to find out the prognosis!

      Hope your enjoying your time with family and counting down to your birthday celebrations this weekend!

  10. It's moving to me that you talk about gratitude and remind us to do the same. I've read that it's one of the best ways to improve happiness. Viewing your photos and reading about your journey is another way that I increase my happiness. How beautiful you look in your mixed patterns with orange accents!

    1. Judith, thank you for your kind words. I have found gratitude... to be a strong force of change in my level of happiness. For me making a conscious intent to focus on how grateful I am... gives my mind less room and time to spend in the rabbit holes that are fear and worry.

      I Loved your latest visit to the Denver Museum... and the wonderful interplay you demonstrate.. between your fashion and their art. Kudos to you dear Judith!

  11. Hope Hunter's knee is OK. Makes me realise how grateful I am for free health care in the UK. Beautiful photos and thoughts, as always, and a gorgeous outfit too - loving the print on that maxi! xxxx

  12. Glad your kids are ok despite Hunter's accident. That brooch is divine, what a lovely gift. And I love your outfit of mixed up patterns and layers, such a great look and you wear it so well!