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.... hello Monday ...

Hello Monday.
Hello summer.

Hello to wonderful weekend memories
 of a perfect 
summer sunset at our favorite...
the Montage Laguna Beach.
Hello to my girl coming home for the summer.

Hello to great family Father's day memories.

Hello to keeping up with my daily hikes.
Hello to some menopausal moments....
I was rushing out of the house for my hike....
I thought one shoe felt a little strange...
but it wasn't until I was up the hill...
that I realized I had grabbed and was wearing two different shoes...
Hello to slowing down... and wearing my new glasses more :)

Hello to celebrating birthdays and graduations.

Hello to keeping up with my personal
cooking challenges.

Hello to getting around to some personal maintenance...
and finishing up my summer wardrobe.

Hello to spending some quality summer time with friends and family.

as always dear friends

I wish you love and joy 
as you style your summer


  1. Lovely thoughts, Tamera....and I have done the shoe thing before also!! have a wonderful week!

  2. Beautiful! Too funny about the shoes!!


  3. ha ha! I love the faux pas with the shoes : )


  4. Hello Tamera. It's always a pleasure when I land on your site and enter a world of beauty and inspiration. It looks to me like you live in a paradise of your own creation.

  5. Oh Tamera. Such a sweet post. Love the shoe story. It only gets more and more interesting, doesn't it?

  6. So many beautiful images. I am in awe of your glamorous life, Tamera! xxxx

  7. Yes to more time, more family and friends, more r and r! Oh the Montage, what a lovely spot to hang out on the weekend lucky lady. I love your photos, as always, and your necklace with the petals is so eye-catching-gorgeous! I have 2 more days of work then am off for 7 weeks (can't wait!). Happy for you with your daughter home and all the fun.
    Lovely post lovely!
    xx, Heather

  8. Hello, to waking up to your beautiful post. It made my heart soar to know I'm not alone with those menopausal moments, plus it made me laugh the enire time I was out on my morning run (after checking twice at my feet). Love, love, love these photo's. I also adore the careful and thoughtful skill you put into gift wrapping. You truly know how to touch the ones you love.

  9. Hello Tamera, I have been an admirer of your style and blog for a while. What would you define your decor as? It is so peaceful and relaxed. You inspired me to purchase a striped tunic/top to copy your work day style. I hope you don't mind, it is a sign of flattery after all 😊

  10. Thank you for taking me to those beautiful places, Tamera. Absolutely stunning photos.

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