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.... a sunny saturday ....

top-Rachel Zoe,  skirt-H&M, bag-forever 21, shoes-dollhouse, hat-Neiman Marcus, statement necklace -Tamera Beardsley, encrusted pearl cuffs-Tamera Beardsley.

I must say...
my favorite part of this outfit...
the way the fringe moves on the skirt...and it's knit... so it is comfort all the way.
My flat shoes and shopper made it the perfect outfit... for walking the in
 Laguna Beach...
and ending up at the Montage for sunset cocktails.

as always dear friends

I wish you love and joy
as you style your life

thanks so for stopping by


  1. Oh, where is this? I am weeping with envy.

    1. Tabitha this is in Laguna Beach, at the Montage Hotel. It is one of my very favorite spots in the world!

  2. Thank you my dear! Thanks for visiting from France!

  3. Tamera, stunning outfit and location!
    No wonder this is one of your favourite spots!

    Lady of Style
    now on Facebook

  4. This is the chicest resort style I have every look amazing as always!! Plus this location looks like so much fun and peaceful...I could use a little peace about now! Have a great week look gorgeous!

  5. A beautiful location for a gorgeous woman wearing a stunning outfit! xxxx

  6. What a smashing looking couple you two make.

    You look fantastic in that outfit. The hat is incredible and suits you to a tee.


  7. Gorgeous setting, and fabulous you. I adore that skirt. Thanks for sharing with Visible Monday!

  8. You look like you are having the time of your life and looking incredible doing so. You are an inspiration!

    blue hue wonderland

  9. You look so glam! Beautiful setting & photos!
    Very handsome couple!

  10. And, that beautfiul smile emerges again! I just love the radiance of your expression. I agree, my favorite part has to be your skirt, it's simply glamorous anf frilly all at the same time.

  11. Beautiful Tamera! Your hat could not be more perfect, and the skirt is wonderfully unique. However, it's the jewelry created by you that makes this ensemble extra special.

  12. Ah, a perfect day captured for posterity. A stunning location, a handsome couple, and easy elegance make it a joy. Your personally-styled jewelry is the icing on the cake.

  13. You and your husband both look marvelous! I was thinking about you today because I was wearing my Target yellow and grey wedges for a post. The first time I ever noticed those shoes was when you wore them in a post last year. Fell in love with the look and went to Target and bought them, too. You continue to inspire me!
    Heather from Friendship, Life and Style

  14. Oh what a divine look......You and your husband look a super stylish couple, perfectly co-ordinated too! xx p.s. Love for you to check out my blog.

  15. So gorgeous. You are the most glamourous woman I know!
    Love the photo of you with your husband. Such an attractive couple.

  16. Love the gold blouse and skirt. Both can be worn with so many different items. Pretty outfit.

  17. That beautiful and stylish with your outfit, color champagne. The love ruffled skirt has a beautiful design and a flight. The top is wonderful, with a design and lovely fabric. The whole outfit is cute. I love the bag, necklace, bracelet and shoes. The pamela is authentic Tamera personal style, a chic, beautiful. You look beautiful, as always.

  18. You look so beautiful and happy, Tamara! I see that you enjoy your life to the full.

  19. You look as lovely as always ... gorgeous monochromatic together-ness! Speaking of togetherness, you kids look pretty cute together! Handsome dude to match his elegant lady!
    Every time I think of Laguna Beach, I think of years my mother and I went up to the FOA in the deep summer. Hope you get to go this year ... please toast the sunset with a glass of champagne for me!

  20. Wow, I just love your style and blog but please tell me where do you sell your necklaces???? I would just love one.
    PS Also do you ship to Australia?

  21. Love the tier skirt! It is beyond me that I didn't see this skirt at the store.. Looks like some fun time out you had :)


  22. Simply gorgeous, gorgeous! What a lovely day in Laguna for you two!
    Sparkle on!
    xx, Heather

  23. Lovely day, and you captured it beautifully!

  24. I love these photos of you in that melting golden top. FABULOUS! You and your husband are so handsome together. Thinking of Laguna now. xo

  25. we are twins I own that top too!!!!