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working on my fall wardrobe...

As I have said
I am working on my fall/winter wardrobe

~I have inventoried what I have

~researched what's new

~made  lists of new wants

~and I am just itching to go shopping...

then it hits me...

Am I even shopping for my real life...
my real daily needs...

or am I once again seduced by the beautiful new...
the yearning for new chic
a quick and glorious fix of well thought out impulse buying.

I have what I think is a familiar closet...
one full of beautiful pieces...
but still I am left with the feeling of

nothing to wear
and over and over choose from the same handful of items...

oh my...
this means I must put my shopping rush on hold...
not only know what I have and want...

I have to sit down and really think through
what do I really need
for my real life

where do I really want to put my limited resources
I get carried away by the aspirational glossies...
I can not tell you how many shoes I have bought 
for their beauty and my dream to need them...

but this time
I want to put my real investment  dollars in pieces that will help me

celebrate my real life

so before I go out shopping
and styling my fall wardrobe....

I must first decide
what clothing needs my life has...

doesn't sound as fun as running out to shop does it....
but hopefully this added step will pay off in the end :)

as always dear friends

I wish you love and joy
as you style your own life


  1. Hi Tamera!

    I was looking at all your posts - beautiful and so different from me and still we still love each blogs - Sorry if i do not leave more comments i should because every time i look at your blog i am always amazed and delighted!

    Your are so gorgeous inside and out - were you a model? My God you could, and if you are wow!

    Love that you are trying to find inner peace but still have this urge for impulse shopping, so funny i am like that as well, but i still shop too much;)

    have a good weekend

    Ariane xxxx

  2. Oh me too, I have lots of lovely high heels and stunning coats that I never wear, I am now trying hard to buy clothes for everyday rather than glamourous nights out which rarely happen, I slob about during the day, I need to put my money into sensible comfy everyday clothes.

  3. I am so hoping for pics of your closet and shoes :D Everything you wear on the blog is so incredibly gorgeous and you have such good taste, I can't even imagine a closet full of things you don't wear!

  4. dear tamara,
    i read so many of your posts but did not leave a comment, because it is a bit difficult for me to express my thoughts in the right way in a language i am not so familiar with. your openness and honesty moved me and i was not willing to say only some banal words.
    today it is easier for me to tell you that i am also on a way of change since my children grew up and left home. it is an amazing ongoing story and i am curious where my way brings me. to see that you are also on your way of finding who you are after all these years of being a family mom for me is like looking into a mirror, although our lifes probably are completely different.
    to change my style in fashion, respectively to find my style is one of the steps i am going on my way. so it is fun for me to have a look into my wardrobe with a differnt view as all these years before. i try to mix pieces together with i never wore together before. i look at blogs of so stylish ladies like you, ariane or antionietta and others and take it as an inspiration when i have a look into my wardrobe. you are so beautiful on every picture, but to see you laughing is the best one!

  5. Thankfulness and Fall just go together.

  6. Love this post. Balancing these 2 competing agendas is the name of the game. I've written often about my need for practicality, yet part of the reason I blog at all is because I would benefit from more creativity and impulse! Love how you've articulated this dilemma. Good luck!

  7. I think that is a pitfall many of us fall into. It's much more fun to buy dressier clothes than useful wardrobe "workhorses".
    I rarely buy the "glossies" for that very reason.
    Have a beautiful, happy weekend my friend.

  8. That is the question. Want vs. need. Knowing what's behind the craving, otherwise it simply will not fulfill. For me, I think creativity is the answer and that is not shopping. Shopping is just too easy, too fast, and doesn't satisfy deeply, it just skims the surface. Immersing myself in the creative process rocks my boat, satisfies my creative spirit, puts me in perspective, makes me okay with all that is.

  9. I have been in this same tug of war with myself since the temperatures started to fall. I love autumn, and most of all, I love the transition to real shoes, and scarves, and layering and I have had to force myself to really look at the things I already have and try to combine them in new ways instead of just running out and buying more.

  10. Tamera, you are brilliant! I love how you describe stepping right out of "auto-pilot" to ask the pertinent question!
    As always, wonderful photos - your hat and loads of sequins and jewels with paisley and raffia make a stunning combination. xo

  11. what is up with that gorgeous outfit, honestly!!!

    i have been doing that in my closet too, and all around my home, we have bagged up bag after bag after bag...
    feels really good!!

  12. We have been doing that a lot around here at our home too, but not just in the clothing department, sure feels goooooooooooooood! bags and bags and bags of stuff have found their way to other places:)

  13. Wow, this post has deeply moved me to examine my own life. It has inspired me STOP buying, buying, buying ...and to ask myself these very wise questions in search of the answer to what do I "really need" for my "real life". I sometimes think I need everything under the sun that I run across that I like style wise. Even though I'm trying to duplicate those styles at thrift is all SO unnecessary. And I've just this moment realized it. I was calling it "fun". And it is. But it's also self indulgent. Is that who I want to be? No.
    Thank you for your thoughtful post, Tamera. It has moved me to self examination and a clearer vision.