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vintage key necklace...DIY...

So you've been to the flea market
 and found some vintage treasures...
now what can you do with them you ask?

well of course
 turn them into some wonderful one of a kind accessories!
Here in the first part of a
 three part series...

it's a
vintage key necklace
or tag or drop or whatever treasure you've found.
the steps are all the same 
and I kid you not
they are
~what you need~

2-flat nose pliers-(to open and shut the jump rings)
a selection of jump rings- (all from my local craft store)
chain what ever length you choose (again most big craft store will carry chain)
1 clasp

and of course
your new found treasure

here is a close up of my first necklace

next to it
all of the findings used
in the demonstration key necklace

Begin by opening the swirl finding pictured 
( I chose this type but any type of jump ring will work)

attach it to the key

add on another jump ring

continue until you reach the clasps

hook the clasp to the chain center

Lastly add the
jump ring on the lobster clasp and large jump ring

you just finished your one of a kind treasure necklace!

In short this little DIY
is mainly all about
 2 flat nose pliers
 various size jump rings.
plus chain and treasures!

The basic concepts of this simple necklace
can used for all  sorts of one of a kind accessories!

Happy creating!

As always

I wish you love and joy
as you style your own life
 and your treasures!


  1. Thank you for the how-to. I have never made any jewelry before but often have thought about it.
    What I really want to know about is that great Airstream trailer. It's yours, correct? I think I recall you posting about it before. It's so, so cool and so southern California! I love it.
    xo, A

  2. Adrienne, you of all people should make some's creative, you get to wear the piece and you can have a one of a kind piece for a fraction of what mass retailers charge! I'm rooting for you my dear...I would love to see you explore this arena!

    Wo do have a fabulous Airstream, but this one has a permanent home in the uber cool retail collection at the camp in Costa Mesa. I love all Airstreams and photograph them when ever I see them. this one is actually a store that sells plants by day. I took this photo from an upcoming post about the 'camp'.

    1. You have one? Oh you lucky, lucky, duck!

  3. Replies
    1. thank you Megan...I'd love to see your fashionable hand at this!

  4. I love "how-to" posts like these, especially when they are detailed enough, and simple enough that I think I may actually be able to do this! I have a couple of necklaces that need to be repaired, and I'm thinking I should just go buy myself my own flat nosed pliers and jump rings and do it myself. Sigh, I love an Airstream!!!

    1. Yes you should my dear! With the right inexpensive tools it's so easy!

      Loved the book you shared :) !!

  5. Hey Lovely!! Loving this post!! I have recently repaired several pieces of jewelry with my pliers/rings/lobster claw clasps and thought, I need to do more of this!! This is a fabulous tutorial and it truly is simple to create wonderful, meaningful pieces as you say. So, the Airstream? Yours? Gorgeous flowers all around?!!

    One of my sisters (I have two) lived in an Airstream trailer for a number of years in southern Oregon. This is the same sister who, at the age of 64, goes backpacking by herself for weeks on her vacation and goes swimming with the dolphins in Hawaii. I'm in awe. I suspect that you, my glamping friend, understands my need for creature comforts. Some of us (like me!!!) are just not cut out for survival backpacking. I love your version of the Airstream.

    1. I would love to see the outcome of your jewelry making! The possibilities are endless. Right now I am obsessed with vintage brooches...and giving them new life!

      Your sister sounds like an eextraordinary woman, just like you my dear!

  6. Thanks for this tutorial. I have the keys from the lock my husband and I put on the Pont Des Arts bridge in Paris and I have been thinking of making them into a necklace!

    1. Oh you must! What a romantic and personal piece they would make! I would love to see them!

  7. Oh I love this, I could never do it, but I have a thing for numbers and old keys. My only goal now in life? To spend a night in an airstream, I just love them so so much.

    1. Well Tabitha, next time your out, look me up! Ours is a modern version with all the comforts of home and the charm of vintage!

  8. I've never made jewelry, but I'm sure somehow this technique could be incorporated into trim for a hat or a headwrap. I can see the possibilities! Lovely photos, as always.

    1. Yes Judith, this simple process could come in very handy with embellishing anything!

  9. Your photos are so compelling, Tamera. I have the tools and the stash of broken jewelery, bits and bobs. Perhaps I could interrupt my sewing for some accessorizing...

    1. Oh you should!!! it is quick fun...i would love to see what your artistic vision comes up with!

  10. brilliant, I love the bronzie look!

    and if that is really the front of your airstream, I am freeeeeeeeaking out.

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