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buon appetito...

 Ellis leaves at the end of the summer to study in Italy....
so while shopping for groceries we were inspired to do 
what I am sure will be many more to come....

an Italian inspired dinner...

chalk boards were brought out for art work
and to get a sense just where in Italy she will be.... northern Italy.

 Our meal was made up of appetizers....

an array of Italian cheeses....

 tomatoes with olive oil and basil....

 cured meats...

lemon tarts....

 Our inspiration for the dinner came at Trader Joe's
when we were investigating Italian wines...
we picked out a Pinot Griegio just for fun
reading it was good with cheeses and salads...
a meal was born.
The one we chose ended up to be sparkly and light...
a perfect summer wine...and a new favorite.

 we used these Italian tea towels I found at the antique market for napkins...

 new flowers were brought in for the occasion...

I am happiest when the house is full of flowers....

 Our main dish...
tomatoes, basil from the garden and
 penne with burrata cheese

 One thing I have learned with having three teenagers
(actually..2 + 1 20 year old)
to find the memorable memories as they come

in a much more organic way....

with their busy schedules and their own desires regarding time spent...
I have learned to be flexible and to make the most of opportunities with them...
as they come.

I have a new found appreciation of sharing a meal.

Wishing you love and joy
as you style your life


  1. How lovely! Your daughter is one lucky girl to have such great parents sending her to Italy.
    Are you already planning a visit to see her?

  2. Actually Adrienne, Ellis is working full time at an events internship this summer to pay her way...she's not THAT lucky :) I don't know if we will be able to visit her...but I do need to get a passport just in case :) Thanks so much for visiting my dear!

  3. Simply Amazing Tamera! I'm always in awe of what you put together!

  4. Thank you dear friend! I was just thinking of you today...and your gorgeous cement floors! Hope all is well! We truly need to get together to catch up!

  5. Tamera! Oh this is so special on so many levels. The fact that she's going to Italy for a while, and that you celebrated that with this wonderful planning and meal, and decor, I just love it! It's also wonderful because you are moving with the times, and working with what works for them, which is not always easy on us;) Everything looked delightful, I love the flowers the food and the immense thought behind it! Did she love it or what?!

  6. Fabulous Tamera! Such amazing photos, they made me hungry! :-)

  7. Your Italian menu, styling, and selections are fabulous! So much to enjoy here from one photo to the next. Wasn't it fun to transition from fashion to food fashion? I don't think I could do that! I don't have enough fashion sense in me! How fantastic that your daughter is going to Italy. I know that Madeleine would love to do something with a group of kids her own age. I hope she does!

  8. Italy! So exciting! And what a great mom to create such an authentic Italian dining experience. And oh, how hungry you've made me :)

  9. This is the perfect summer meal! Italian food is sooooo good. You took amazing pictures.

    1. Thank you Liv! i tried to comment on your Most beautiful blog...but could no see where to do so. Anyway... I just wanted to say everything was SO Stunning!!!

  10. I just found out about your blog a few minutes ago from "The Citizen Rosebud", and I LOVE IT.

    I'm sitting down with a big mug of coffee so I can readthrough your WHOLE first year. You're "my kind of style".....thank you and keep up the great work.

  11. So happy to have you visit my dear!! Thank you for the ever so kind words!